I’ve got beer.

I’ve got wine

I’ve got scotch, bourbon, aged rum.  I think I may even have a bottle of sparling cider someone once gave me.

But most importantly, I have a fine 1/2 inch thick coat of glare ice on my driveway, which would be perfect for curling right now.  And with a forecast of 10 degrees F, and cloudy skies, it’s not going away anytime soon.

It’s awesome!  I just give the car some extra gas as I pull into my driveway, then stomp on the brake, and slide right into my garage.

Taking out the garbage has never been easier.  I just give the trash can a gentle shove, and it glides effortlessly to the curb.

Yes, there are some downsides, but why focus on that?

Yup.  I spent an hour and a half trying to clear the mound of slush the plows threw across the driveway entrance  last night before the deep freeze arrived.  It would be hard to play curling with my car if I couldn’t even get into the driveway due to an impenetrable glacier.

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