Does anybody know if it possible to deduct from the wine purchases over time figures, bottles that are either returned or sold? A wine that I previously bought and subsequently sold or returned for full value never seems to be reflected in the dollar amount under the Reports section of Purchased over time. If I buy a case of wine for 1200$ and I sell half, my Purchases over time will still reflect the 1200$ I paid originally for the wine, despite the subsequent sale.
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When you "drink" a bottle and remove it from the cellar, you have to select sold instead of consumed. It will then ask you for a dollar amount that you collected. I belive that it deducts it from your total spent over time.

This is also good if you gift bottles to keep track of that as well.

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I don`t think it does that. It counts it as a bottle consumed and keeps a separate tab on how much you`ve collected.

If thats the case you could just deduct it manually so you would know the real amount of spent minus returned.

If it does not do this already, might be something Eric can hook up pretty easy. I put in the amount collected on every bottle I sell. This includes if I share an allocation with someone. I add that to my pending deliveries, mark in the comments who I owe bottles to and how many, then deduct them as sold with the amount paid when I pass them on. Helps me keep track of who I owe what as well. Sometimes we all know it can be close to a year from payment to delivery.

To tell you the truth though, I have all my prices hidden and dont check the amount I spent this year, or any year. I dont want to know !!! Big Grin

No point in confirming the sickness....
If you click the CT forums link, you'll see the responses I got from Eric-which confirms my initial impression.

The only way to deduct a wine you purchased and subsequently sold or had refunded from the Purchases Over Time in the Reports sectionis to manually delete the purchase.

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