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Originally posted by PURPLE:
Velveeta cheese nachos.
But my crock pot is 25 years old. If someone has a compelling reason to buy one, let me know because you still have to brown the meat before using the crock pot, ie still lots of prep time involved.

I never do (brown the meat that it). I made a chuck roast the other day with a little white wine and the exterior turned out just fine. I leave some of it out of the water. I don't use that much anyway, the meat gives off plenty of juice.

I mostly use it (crock pot) so I have meat (Chicken or beef) that is ready and easy to digest in the morning for breakfast.

Nothing really compelling, unless you love corned beef.

Just wondering if anyone makes anything in their's that they just love.
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My wife will do a roasted chicken every once in a while that's pretty good. It's also convenient to put it on low leave it all day and have dinner without the fuss when we get home. I also do my pork and sour kraut for new years every year in the crock pot.

Don't really think it's a white trash appliance at all. But there are some white trash recipes I suppose.
Please don't pooh-pooh crock pots. There are some very creative and tasty things to make in them. Forget the Betty crocker cookbooks and look for some slow food versions, I have one called; 'Slow Italaian Food' and its wonderful.
I tend to use mine more in the summer when I don't want to bring the house temp up and since they use the same electricity as a light bulb....why not?

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