These two 'delicacies' are native to the hugely popular Calgary Stampede (which is coming up in a few months). And yes, people eat them both!!This will be my first time attending the Stampede - has anybody tried either of these?
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I've not been to the stampede, but I've had both.
I used to be quite fond of the pickled tongue from the Marche Francaise in Georgetown back in the day. I've also had it just sliced deli style.

Bull balls are marketed in Denver as Rocky Mountain oysters. Breaded and fried they make a reasonable snack. My coworker downed a plate of them one night which I thought was surprising because he's not an adventuresome eater, but somehow he missed the description of what they were made of.
I've had both and then some. In Iceland pickled sheeps testicles are a delicacy, and not too bad.

The only cow tongue that I've eaten was in Mexico. I didn't know what it was until after I ate it. It was pretty tasty, and I was pretty toasty. I think I had dog then too.
I have a great Bull Balls recipe. Actually it's for moose balls (they're more tender), but you can use it for bull.

I'll post it later.
I prefer mine still attached and lightly nibbled to tell the truth.


What kind of testicles are haunting Eddie Van Halen's sleep? Are these giant turbo-prop monster truck nards that smash Chevies and Buicks and are now rolling over his front gate right now up there at 5150 and crushing his designer sports car and the family pet as it squeals a short, brief, glorious warning? Or are these highly trained, super-mobile, small, but highly maneuverable Belgian assault nards that even now are swarming under the gates and are about to sail into the nerve center of the gangland stronghold! The mind fairly reels, sire.
Never had the ball, but I've eaten beef tongue so much. I like to serve it with Japanese's yakiniku style. Thinly cut it and marinate in special soy sauce(garlic,onion,scallion,rice wine..) and then cook it on the hardwood grill. So tender,,,
I like the tongue smoked & prefer the balls taken directly from the branding fire. No wine pairing for the balls, usually a cold beer after a long day of branding & casterating.
You know the old joke>

A woman goes into a restaurant in Denver and askes for the specialty of the house. When it arrives at the table she asks what it is. "That is cow tongue, madam" replies the waiter.

"Oh, I don't want anything that hs been in the mouth of an animal. Bring me something else."

The waiter took away the tongue and returned with an omellet.

I guess you are not Jewish if you've never had tongue. Classic Jewish deli item. Personally, I like cow tongue and have had it many ways from eating it in a deli sandwich to having it in a restaurant in Spain where it was cooked with Seville oranges and wine.
I've had tongue - it's fairly common in the UK. Cooked, pressed and sliced and served in sandwiches.

I've had "prairie oysters" in Colorado. They were OK, nothing particularly amazing.

Reminds me of that old joke "Senor, el toro - he does not always lose."

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