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Originally posted by OrindaDave:
Anyone seen any at other Costco's in the Bay Area?

I found it in the south bay. I don't recall exactly where; I think it was either the Sunnyvale or the Santa Clara branch.

I found it by accident - the item number is almost identical to Suduiraut (754528 as opposed to 754828)

Maybe you can imagine my surprise when the stock checker said "yes we have that - it's $200 a bottle".
There are cheaper places to buy 96 Dom.

Today in Fremont:

02 Beringer Private Reserve Chard $19 26282
04 Kim Crawford $12.69 296058
03 Rosemount Show Reserve $12 72117
01 Whitehall Lane Cab $32 31791
NV Buller Tokay $11 (375) 856677
02 Lehmann Clancy's $15 296607
01 Pagodes de Cos $24 726935

Also BV GdL at $57, the 72 point 01 BV Tapestry at $28 and 96 Dom at $98
I just noticed that the 00 Bordeaux thread which triggered this thread starts with the statement
The Feb newletter from Costco listed the following 2000 Bordeaux that various stores will be carrying. "Not all wines will be available in all locations. Wines will arrive in waves in the warehouses over the next few months."

How does one obtain the CostCo newsletter? Is this the same as the email alerts that you can sign up for at
It was Aliso Viejo. It had about a case and half left after my case. Night before I took the last six from Laguna Niguel.

$29+ for this wine is a great QPR.

Consider last year, the 2001 Sebastiani Alex. V., a 92 pointer, was a bargain at $23 at The Wine Club, $29+ for this 95 pointer is absolutely a great price.

Not just the high scores, but they really taste great.

BTW, saw 2002 Sebastiani, Alex V. at TWC two weeks ago. Great stuff. Rumored to source Cherryblock grapes since no separate bottling for Cherryblock for '02.
Not sure how accurate I am on this, but I believe for the most part, if a wine is sitting at Costco and you've not heard it before or not too familiar with, the chances are their buyers have tasted the wine and approved it to have it brought in.

These guys are not going to bring a wine in blindly and just let it sit on the shelf and not move, it's all about volume.

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