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I am convinced that the Livonia Costco has the highest prices of any store in this terrific chain.


2001 Mouton Rothchild $142.99 at the store and $129.99 on line

2001 Ornellaia Bolgheri $120 at the store and $99.99 at another store (see post above)

This does not seem wise consumer policy for an otherwise teriffic company who tells us they live by the 12% mark-up.

As far as the wine prices goes, it does varies from location to location. Believe they figure in the transportation cost for most imports in relation to where the wine first land.

Another example would be the 2000 Bordeaux First Growths. In Washington, I believe they were uniformly $250 across the board, while it's in the $270 - $290 range in Northern California.
There is a clear difference between Costco retail pricing and on-line pricing. Example: 2001 Mouton Rothchild $129.99 on line and $142.99 in Livonia.

There is also a different in prices from one Costco to the next. Example 2001 Tenuta Ornelaia Bolgheri at $120 in Livonia and $99.99 in Ilinois

There are MANY other examples that stand for the proposition that Livonia is the highest priced wine in the Costco chain.
Be careful not to assume Costco always has the best prices. They don't. In fact I've seen more instances of higher prices at Costco than at other stores. Specifically 99 D'Yquem, 2000 GAJA (Conteisa, Sori Tilden, Barbaresco).

Another case in point, no pun, Costco continues to have new arrivals of the 2000 and 2001 Bordeaux, but the newer 2000s are no bargain compared to last year.

If they got their wines on futures, then the prices are great. But if they ordered from the after market wholesaler, which they do when there is demand, they are no better than the rest. And in fact, in many instances more expensive.

Saw 2001 Masseto at 179 recently though, which is great.
Buy the Masseto in VOLUME and meet pyang. Wink

I'll bet Costco is still getting a pretty good deal on the Bordeaux 00's. Distributors and winery's need to clean house for the new year and show some late gains around the holiday's. Quantity orders tend to decrease margins but it sure moves boxes. My only caution is to find out where the wine was stored from release. If it has been in a temp controlled facility/warehouse it is probably worth the extra buck or two considering you did not pay for the wine or storage a year or two ago. If not, I would pass.

Thanks for the clarification. Reason I asked is that almost everything I find on line is way less in price that here in Michigan. But like Bez said, it's the tax structure. With regards to store to store variances within the state, a woman in front of me in line was chatting with a costco manager about that same fact. Not related to wines but other merchandise. She was stating that her husband was checking prices in the store and found many items marked higher in price than the 8 and Haggerty location. I wouldn't know, I only look at the wine when I go to costco.

I picked up Pichon Baron 2000 today at my Costco. That is not a typo, 2000! It was $55 per bottle and I bought them out of it.

Can anyone explain to me where this wine has been? Every bottle looks to be in good shape, no protruding corks, no leakage, fills are all good.

Pyang- you seem to be the most intimate with Costco. Can you explain why a wine like this shows up a year + later?
Originally posted by Eric White:
Danville, CA - 12/10/04:

1999 Yquem - $129
2000 Flora Springs Trilogy 3L - $95
2002 Niebaum-Coppola Cab 3L - $176
2003 Acacia Pinot 3L - $84
2001 Provenance Cab 1.5L - $54
2001 Snowden Lost Vineyard Cab - $23
2001 Reignac - $18
1999 Castello di Camigliano Brunello - $39


Is the Provenance the Rutherford or the Oakville?

Since my last post I've been offered new arrival B2K from 2 other local retailers, one by email, and one in my mail today.

The one in the mail tells me that their stuff comes from the Chicago Wine Company, who is a local distributor and auction house. I've put in an email inquiry to the other guy to find out if he knows where the wine came from. Very interesting.
Originally posted by pyang:
It's been interesting to watch the 1995 Dom Perignon pricing at Costco. First bought them for $75.05 per bottle, then there was a gift box released last year including two nice flutes at $82.19. Haven't seen it below $90 since.

Im down here in Florida and nowhere near a Costco, but I had a lady from Cali visit my shop tonight and she made the comment that Dom 1996 was getting a very favorable price at Costco out there. The price in Fla is averaging about $110; have you seen a price on the 1996???
I'm sure it's the Rutherford as well.

When Costco first had '01 Provenance Rutherford in 750s, they showed WS 92 points at the display, which was the score for Oakville. Rutherford was only 85.

I mentioned it to the manager but they kept the same display for a good month. Not isolated to this one location but all of the other Costcos in the neighborhood as well...Buyer beware.

Incidentally, had both 01 Clos Alpalta and 01 Ch Rieussec for our office dinner last night. Nice stuff....I appreciate those who work for me and this year just happened to have both numbers one and two.
Made it to a couple local Costco's. I need to stock up for a new cellar and the holidays, please let me know if you think any of these are great deals.

Folsom, CA

Chalone Vineyard 2002 Pinot - $19.89
Tablas Creek 2002 Esprit de Beaucastel - $29.99
Chateau Reignac Vendanges 2001 - $17.99
Achaval Ferrer Quimera 2002 - $26.79
Falesco Merlot Umbria 2002 - $13.99
David Bruce Pinot Central Coast 2003 - $14.99
Chateau Reynella 2000 Shiraz - $19.99
Andrew Murray Tous les Jours central coast 2003 syrah - $12.69
Chateau Souverain AV cab 2001 - $12.79
Sterling NV cab 2001 - $17.99
Simi AV cab 2002 - $14.69

Rancho Cordova, CA

E. Guigal Chateauneuf de Pape 2001 - $26.99
Emilio Moro - Ribera del Duero 2001 - $19.99
Lussac Saint Emilion - Jean Piere Moreix 2001 - $9.99
Robert Mondavi Napa valley cab 2001 - $17.59
Stags Leap napa valley cab 2001 - $17.59
Stags Artemis napa valley cab 2002 - $36.99
Sebastiani Cherryblock 2001 - $56.99
Groth Oakville cab 2001 - $37.99
Novato was stocking wine like mad. Some interesting finds were:
Veuve $29
Veuve LGD <$100
PJ w/flutes $29.99
Dom 95 & 96 $98.99
Andrew Murray Syrah 03 ~$13
Tablas Creek "Esprit" 02 $29
Provanance Ruth Cab 1.5L $54
Coppala Director 3L Silkscreened w/cd/dvd ~$150
Flora Trilogy 00 3L $95
Lafite 01 $129
Mouton 01 $129
Haut Brion 01 $129
Cheval Blanc 01 $159
d'Yquem $? but assume very fair
Other I saw but didn't get a price on.
Far Niente
2-3 South American scoring 88-92 under $20
Johnnie Walker gift pact: BLUE, black, red, and the new green. 200 ml each - $56
Some new items along with olds. Not great prices for the most part.

Novato Costco
2000 Gaja Langhe Costa Russi, $319.99, #679214
2000 Gaja Langhe Sori San Lorenzo, $319.99, #679213
2000 Gaja Barbaresco, $159.99, #857425
2000 Gaja Langhe Conteisa, $149.99, #16672
1997 Louis Roederer Cristal, $149.99, #25166
2001 Chateau Reignac, $17.99, #480203
2000 Reynella Basket Press Shiraz, $19.99, #266124
1999 Chateau d'Yquem, $124.99, #487368
2001 Chateau Lafite, $129.99, #754611
2001 Chateau Cheval Blanc, $199.97, #754544
2001 Chateau Haut Brion, $129.99, #754609
2001 Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, $69.97, #754629
1999 Penfolds Grange, $184.99, #31913
1998 Chateau Leoville Barton $64.99 #375917
2000 Gaja Corteisa $155.99 # 16672
1999 Chateau D'Yquem $ 134.99 # 487368
2001 Ornellaia Cenuta Dell'Ornellaia $109.99 #30825
1998 Conti Dostanti Brunello $56.89 #833659
2002 Joseph Drouhin Gevrey - Chambertain $26.49 # 30530
2000 La Chablisienne Chablis Montmain $ 12.99 # 854957

Funny how the D'Yquem is cheaper where you are Powell.
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Hey Flubis,

It must be the higher rent in Westlake Village (or the higher average income!).
Anyway, is selling the '99 d'Yquem for $129.99-right in the middle of the two.

Do you ever go to the Slimi Costco for wine? Definitely less selection, but when they do bring in some good stuff it is usually there for a little longer. Maybe we could exchange e-mails and notify each other when we make a find at the local Costco's. Mine is


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