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Zip it Grunhauser, atleast this isn't a thread about low-carb pizza, which I have given up on.

Has anyone here bought a not-cooked pizza from Costco's, one of those big ones? How the heck did you fit that thing in your oven?

I bought one tonight, it was square shaped, and when I took it out of its box to pop in the oven, I realized it didn't fit.
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And you were affraid of me? Roll Eyes Look at these vultures tearing you and your pizza apart. Big Grin

As some probably know, I make my own every now and then, but it can be time consuming and messy, and neighbors complain about my loud singing too. I do keep several trader giotto's three cheese pizzas (thin crust, organic & italian made) in the freezer for those unexpected guests. I spruce them up with tomatoes, prosciutto, arugula, blood oranges, extra mozzarella, olives or what ever I have lying around that moment, and they are always gone in a blink of an eye.

Never tried Costco's pizza and probably never will. I get a kick from buying their Polish Dog for $1.53 though.
Originally posted by tlily:
Anyone tried ordering direct from Giordano's in Chicago?

It's all just an opinion, but being that it's mine, it must be correct. Whereas there is nothing at all wrong with Giordano's, you might think of trying Lou Malnatti's. If you are going to send out all the way to Chicago for pizza, I think it's a better choice. Actually, any pizza at all from Chicago is better than anywhere else on the planet anyway. Even Costco pizza from Chicago is better than anywhere else.

1-800-Lou-ToGo (that really is the number) [1-800-568-8646]


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Originally posted by tlily:
Francis S. , Giordano's freezes and ships in dry ice. Will Lou-to-Go do the same?

YEP, that's the whole idea. The "ToGo" part is that it will get to you ready to cook and eat (they're already cooked, just hard as rocks), where ever you are. I used to order them all the time when I was stationed in Coronado. I also sent them to a guy staying in Sicily. There is a luxury resort place there that shares my family name. They are hooked up with Carson's Ribs too, if you ever want really good ribs. No, Carson's are not the type that I would argue about being the best ribs anywhere, but they are very good. [as an example, a bucket of rib tips, and cole slaw for <$25 that three(3) guys can't finish] Anyway, I've had good service with Lou-To-Go.


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Thanks Francis S., we've got 3 more Giordano's to go through, but we'll give Lou's a try next time we get the urge. And yes, the whole point is there is no pizza like a Chicago pizza, thus the long distance phone order. Really it worked out to $35 a pizza, so only about $10 more than a Round Table with the same toppings. More than worth $10 IMHO.
Originally posted by Hunter:
Long Island NY - We still can't make wine, but we make the best Pizza in the country! (yes, better than NYC too)
Come on... better than the real Famous Rays (on the corner of 12th and 6th Ave)... or Grimaldi's? I think we need to do a "taste off." Big Grin

One of the best pies I've ever had was at Papa Dells in Champaign, IL. It's a thick crust... but oh so tasty!!!
Matt, top to bottom Long Island is better than NYC IMO. 20 years ago it was much different. There aren't THAT many A+ pizza joints in Manhatten anymore - italian family owned. Top 5 in the City may be better than top 5 LI - although I'm not even sure of that. But, there are many more (numbers) real good places on LI.

Queens and Brooklyn (for the neighborhoods that are still good) have more. LI Nassau County out to Western Suffolk is terrific for pizza. Lots of real good ones.

NYC or LI - you don't have to go to Costco or Pizza Hut ever!

I've had pizza in NYC, LI too. You guys wouldn't know good pizza if it hit you in the head like a brick.

Francis Francis. I thought you were only a political loony? You're not calling that "Chicago style square stuff with the sauce on top" REAL PIZZA are you? The fact that you actually said you get pizza from Costco sometimes, tells me you need better out there.

Maybe you popped into the wrong joints out here. A slice in Penn Station or on the street is not where you go. I'll give you a good list the next time you're in NY. Big Grin

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