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Thanks, Marc. I have tried the 89 twice during a recent trip through Quebec. First time at L'Eau a la Bouche in St-Adele, the 89 was "open" and like nectar, with a loonng finish. The second time was at Auberge Hatley in the Eastern Townships and that bottle was not quite as "open", but still lovely. Based on your comment, I can't wait to open the '88!

You can find info. about the two places I mentionned above (as well as the other place we stayed - La Pinsonniere) at the following website, by narrowing to North America and then Quebec. Enjoy!
1989 Cos - Nose of Sweet Almonds with rich plummy fruit. On the palate the fruit shifts in to a more black current/cassis profile followed by a tremendous full bodied finish with just a hint of alcohol heat.

1988 Cos - The nose is simmilar to the 89 albeit a touch thinner. Black fruits persist on the palate/ hints of tar and leather balanced with good acidity in the long finish.

These were tasted at an 82-95 vertical tasting last year.
For the money the 88 is a great buy. 89 is drinking well compared to the 90 which is still young. The 95 needs astroglide, give it a few more years. The 86 and of course the 82 are also exceptional.

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