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200 million shots in arms in less than 100 days.  That truly is an accomplishment.  We are doing much better than most of the rest of the world (Israel and Chile are ahead of us, and few tiny territories/countries that frankly don't count).  Poor Europe has made a mess of their vaccine purchase/distribution. 

I'm still waiting to see Covid case numbers drop nationwide from the current mini-surge.  I hope it will happen.

Unfortunately signs are vaccine hesitancy is starting to happen.  The rolling seven day average for inoculations per day is currently 11% down.  This just after Biden gave the green light to anybody and everybody 16 and over.  Hopefully the PTO teaser will get some more to bite but unfortunately we're getting really close to fighting tooth and nail from each additional person to finally commit.

Vaccine hesitancy is really odd.  The same people who don't want a vaccine because there is a one in a million (or more) chance that something bad will happen to you are the same people who buy Powerball tickets, hoping to win despite the odds being 1 in 500 million or so.

I settled a small case this morning. My client is a nurse. She is hesitant to get the vaccine! I was hesitant to take her to Court.

Received my first shot today. Astra Zeneca.  

The pharmacy gave me a printout from the Ontario government’s website.  It didn’t reference the vaccine I received (only Pfizer and Moderna), mention the risk of clotting (remote but real) associated with AZ, and still mentioned the 21-28 day interval between first and second shots (right now we are averaging 15-16 weeks between shots).  This information has not been updated since January 6.  

Vaccine hesitancy is euphemism for vaccine stupidity. I said around the beginning of the year we would not get to herd immunity this year and would get stalled out around 60%. We will certainly never hit 70%. That's why I am a fan of restaurants, and entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination. You don't want to get vaccinated? Fine. Stay outside.

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Hey! I agree with the Old Man! Wow.

In Maryland, about 43% of the population has gotten at least their first shot, and one assumes that if you got a first shot, you'll get the second.  About 75,000 shots are being administered each day. We now have walk in places where no appointment is necessary. Yet, the lawyer across the hall from me has 2 paralegals and a bookkeeper who are "unsure" whether they will get a shot. Two of them smoke cigarettes. One of those is grossly obese.  When they say with regard to the vaccine"I am worried about what I'm putting in my body" I am tempted to say to the obese one, who smokes, "You are not worried about the tobacco smoke and chemicals you put in your body, or the sugary drinks and potato chips?" But, I stifle myself.

The incidence of gross stupidity is also of epidemic proportions.

Probably around 60% of the U.S. is already or will soon be vaccinated.  The other 40% or so will not be.  Covid restrictions will go away and most people will go back to their daily lives.  The virus will go along and continue to infect that 40% of non-vaccinated people.  The infection rates will be slower, in all likelihood, but they will continue and they might even increase in areas where non-vaccinated people cluster.

Those people will either: a) be asymptomatic but pass it along to other non-vaccinated persons before gaining immunity; b) become sick and survive Covid but gain immunity (some may have long-term effects and some may not); or c) become sick and die.  Death rates should go down, as better treatments and medicine will continue to advance but still there will be people dying who otherwise would have survived if they had been vaccinated.

And eventually the virus will mostly burn out as it works it's way through the 40%.

And my sympathies for the non-vaccinated people who get Covid and either have long-term effects or die from the disease will be limited, since they made the decision not to take an effective and safe vaccine.

The downsides are that every infection allows the virus a chance to mutate into something that could become problematic for even the vaccinated people.  There are some people who, for whatever reason, can't take a vaccine and are unprotected and may catch Covid from the non-vaccinated people - and that is a true tragedy.  And the societal and economic costs of 40% of the country becoming sick and continuing to die are enormous.  But that is a price that will just have to be paid because too many people are not going to take the vaccines to get us to herd immunity through vaccines alone.

This is why I wish the FDA would go ahead and give full approval to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  Once that happens employers can start mandating you get the shot before returning to work.  That is when people with half a brain will finally cave in.  The ones with no brain will eventually be culled from the herd.

I think that say 60% will get it, 20% won't, no matter what anyone says, and 20% are on the fence.  Need to get most or all of that 20% vaccinated.  What I think is going to do it is either employers requiring the vaccine, or, more likely, private businesses start mandating proof of vaccination to use their services.  Want to go to an NFL game or NASCAR race? Get on a plane?  Show us your proof of vaccination. 

My assistant, who is in her early 30s, and who has breast implants, gets botox, dies her hair, has fake eyelashes, tattoos (you get the idea I'm sure), is hesitant to get the vaccine because she "doesn't want to put something foreign into her body."  Thank god she told me this on the phone, because I'm sure I didn't keep a straight face

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My assistant, who is in her early 30s, and who has breast implants, gets botox, dies her hair, has fake eyelashes, tattoos (you get the idea I'm sure), is hesitant to get the vaccine because she "doesn't want to put something foreign into her body."  Thank god she told me this on the phone, because I'm sure I didn't keep a straight face

This is an obviously useless post without pics.  Please rectify........

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And of course, we know people who are vaccinated can still contract it it so how many will be infected by the anti-vaxxing morons.  That who is I will have sympathy for

0 sympathy for non vaxxers, they just insure there will be more future variants that our antibodies can no longer defend against, leading to a never ending cycle of us being injected perhaps on a yearly basis instead of just once.

ditto anti maskers, who could have just stayed home for 2 weeks and worn masks and we wouldnt have this issue anyway.

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Today is the one-year anniversary of the "inject light or ingest bleach" Covid conference.  I had to go back and read the comments in here from that day.  It really is surreal to think that that is what we went through during this pandemic.

One of my favorite reactions to that recommendation by Dr. Trump. These guys own and operate a nano-brewery near me. It's good stuff, too.

Drink Beer, Not Bleach

Good of the US to release its supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine for other countries.  We don't need it, it's not approved yet for the US, and other places could put it to good use.

India is looking like a true disaster, as the case counts soar to an official 17.6 million cases.  I read that some experts think that the real number may be in excess of half a billion.  Let that number sink in.

I think there's a slight chance we could fuck this whole thing up. With the country filled with ignoramuses there is no way we're getting to the minimal 70% for herd immunity. The longer this goes the longer time variants have to establish footholds. There is a possibility this could spin up again here, as it is in India, and even to a degree in Oregon and Michigan.

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