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"Martin County Superintendent Laurie Gaylord told me she viewed re-opening her schools as a mission akin to a Navy SEAL operation. Just as the SEALs surmounted obstacles to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, so too would the Martin County School system find a way to provide parents with a meaningful choice of in-person instruction or continued distance learning."
"All in, all the time."
I promise to never say anything bad about the politicians in my state ever again.
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@irwin posted:

Now the President and a friend who sells pillows are touting "oleandrin" as the next Covid-19 cure.  The pillow guy is on the board of directors of some company that sells the stuff.

I wonder if it mixes well with chloroxyquin (or however that is spelled).


Anderson Cooper just took him apart an hour or so ago.  All the guy could do was interrupt and talk over Cooper as he had no answer for his questions about how he's meeting Trump to push something with zero medical approval or evidence that it works.  

I saw in the newspaper that this clown says the 1st amendment gives him the right to promote his phony product and to say that it cures Covid-19. Well, actually, the first amendment doesn't say that.  One is not permitted to falsely advertise a product as a cure for a disease.  We call that "fraud". 


@irwin posted:

Now the President and a friend who sells pillows are touting "oleandrin" as the next Covid-19 cure.  The pillow guy is on the board of directors of some company that sells the stuff.

I wonder if it mixes well with chloroxyquin (or however that is spelled).


Gotta love this country!  The Canadians are trying to see if Cannabis can help and Americans try and peddle some unproven foreign substance.  Needless to say, I'm gonna go with Canada on this one - as even if it doesn't work, I won't have any anxiety over it 

I think we can pretty much assume that the Trump administration is going to strong-arm the FDA to approve a vaccine prior to the election.  I also think that many Americans are not going to want to take such a vaccine, for various reasons.  It may be interesting to see a Covid vaccine come on the market and there be a general lack of demand because no one wants to be a guinea pig.

Reading an article on CNN's website about the possibility of Covid and flu this fall/winter:


"In the Southern Hemisphere, which is just ending its winter months and flu season, several countries have reported astonishingly low flu numbers as people wear masks and social distance.

In Australia, for example, the number of lab-confirmed flu cases plummeted from 61,000 in August 2019 to 107 cases this August."

If we would all just wear masks, social distance, and get our flu shots, I don't think the flu will stand a chance this winter.  If we don't, we are in for a terrible double-whammy.


Really great opinion piece about the moral failure of Bob Woodward with a nod to the wonderful Mike Royko:

Mike Royko’s lasting lesson — and Bob Woodward’s repugnant decision

"As the legendary Sun-Times columnist told us nearly 40 years ago, a journalist has to be a human being first. Bob Woodward, in failing to reveal until now Donald Trump’s true attitude toward COVID-19, has failed that test."

@patespo1 posted:

Another Covid Rally last night for 45, this time inside.  His cult continues to not wear masks.  They continue to make excuses for him covering up the severity back in Feb.  What kind of world are we living in?  

The participants knowingly and willfully go to the Rally, assuming the risks that come with it.  I wouldn't care much if the people who went to the Rally come down with Covid.  It's when they go back to their homes and communities and spread it to innocent people - that's the problem.

If someone wants to use a tanning bed, knowing that it increases their risks of melanoma, that's their decision.  But if that person using the tanning bed could walk around afterwards and infect innocent people, in addition to themselves, with melanoma, we'd ban tanning beds really quick, I hope.

@Rothko posted:

India looks poised to become the #1 country for Covid cases in the next month or two.  Their cases are increasing at a rate almost double to ours.

But I'm sure that there are plenty of American idiots that will try to keep us at #1.

Well there are maybe four times as many Indians as Americans. And almost none have decent health care. And most live in small apartments or houses with extended families. And and and.....

@Rothko posted:

Yet their deaths are considerably lower than ours:

US: 6.8 million cases and 200,000 dead

India: 5.5 million cases and 89,000 dead


I bet their deaths are much higher. There seem to be many ways of counting. We lived there for six years and while much worked well, often much better than expected, that was rarely true in health care. Especially for those in slums and villages, which is most Indians. 

Yes, I could certainly envision that both their infections and death counts are higher than reported.  I always wondered what would happen when the virus took off in the third world countries where you have lots of people packed together, often in slum areas, without access to testing or healthcare or even facilities for self-isolating and quarantining.  

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