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The title of the article implies that you could get Covid every 4 weeks from now on.  That's not what the article says.  What it says is that the new strain, Omicron BA.5 has shown a strong ability to overcome people who were previously vaccinated or even had the earlier strain of Omicron BA2.  But NOT that you will keep getting Omicron BA.5 infections every month from here on out.

It's a bad strain, definitely.  It's almost like a new disease again, in the sense that it is going to cut through a huge swath of our population.  But the prior immunity from vaccines and/or prior infections appears to weaken the effects of the BA.5 strain, so yes, you are going to get sick, but no, you probably aren't going to go the hospital or die from it.

Had to mutually agree to reschedule having beverages outdoors with a good friend of mine, due to his middle and elementary school age daughters both having COVID now.  He says they’re both vaxxed and boosted, so only mild to nonexistent symptoms thankfully.  

Wish I didn’t have to say it, but it’s still around……. 😬

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Where were you when the previous administration said it would disappear with warm weather? Or talked about the Mexican-financed wall and tariffs that China was paying?

Those were some of the 30,000+ lies he told, not gaffes.

Lies are not a problem, just gaffes.

Try to keep up!

Meanwhile, here are some of the latest!

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2 weeks ago for me. No reaction nor soreness. I have heard but can't confirm that 1- the flu will be more virulent than usual and am unsure of the vax coverage for what would become the major circulating strain in my area; 2- getting flu and covid shots concurrently has a higher rate of reported reactions; and 3- know that 3- 6 weeks before peak flu season is optimal for flu shot [eg early to mid November allows peak Ab by Christmas holidays]. Since timing less critical for covid [ since have higher more recent Ab from 4 prior shots and omicron infection], and no flu infection in at least 3 years, I have opted for covid shot now, and flu shot in a couple of weeks. That's my rationale, but then again I talk my way into stuff too much LOL

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Had both new covid shot and flu shot Sunday.  After 4 modernas, this was my first Pfizer.  I was quite tired and did not feel particularly well the next day and expected sore arm.  Never had a reaction other than sore arm to Moderna

I was exactly the opposite, no issues with pfizer, first time getting the moderna, my tonsils and lymph nodes were super swollen for a week.

I got the Pfizer booster (2nd one/newest one) and flu shot last Saturday.  Sore arm from Covid booster, Saturday night I had fever and chills, headache and body ache, woke up extremely tired Sunday morning.  Took Motrin and lots of water and was fine rest of the day and normal Monday morning after a good rest Sunday night.

In hindsight if I had something going on I would space out the shots;  we skipped an OT Cavs win Sunday night because I wasn't up to it.  But if you have the weekend or few days to recover I would get them both at same time.

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