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I keep wanting to think we are at the end of the tunnel, and instead I realize it is just a light on the ceiling and there's another mile or so of tunnel to go!

The more non vaccinated folks there are, the more potential vectors of mutations there will be.

Even the omicron and the delta strain themselves have multiple variants.  the labelling is just arbitrary tagging of general set of mutations by a scientist.

One or more of these mutations is honestly going to become an endemic

FWIW. I think Omicron is going to change things. In a few months virtually everyone will either be vaccinated, have gotten COVID at least once, or both. The reality is triple jabbed plus Omicron seems to confer tremendous immunity. Quadruple jabbed likely will as well, and even if a quadruple jabbed person manages to get it, it will be mild.

I think between the Pfizer pill, the effects of Omicron, it’s lesser virulence, all the boosters, etc, by June there is a very good chance “returning to normal” would not be any less safe for the triple (or quadruple) jabbed than acting normally during a typical bad flu season. I now know several people who’ve had Omicron. All were triple jabbed (including one who got his third jab in August). None of them experienced anything as severe as a typical flu. It’s anecdotal, but that seems to be consistent.

Something worse than Omicron may come, but by then there should be a lot of built up immunity and drugs to combat it.

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Decrying the vaccine and denying the virus. The irony surrounding all the above premorbid events and/or the deceased's last comments is absolutely astounding.

A recent somewhat tragicomedic but also cynical movie "Don't Look Up" remarkably captures the essence of who we are now in America. Watch with port on a cold late night.

"Port" , you say?  Vintage port, shurely! 

I saw a cartoon which said, "We once thought that this virus was spread mostly from the mouth or nose.  However, scientists now conclude that the virus is spread by assholes."

And another which said, "If you think you don't need vaccinations because God will protect you, then why do you think you need a gun?"

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My son tested positive this week.  He was vaccinated in April, but didn't get a booster, despite my requests.  A guy at his office (unvaccinated) had gone to a college football game last weekend and came back and tested positive after a few days and must have passed it around to others.

Symptoms are mild and hopefully will be over soon.

Trying to get him a Covid test was an interesting lesson.  He first went to the County testing site for a rapid test on Thursday, and still hasn't gotten the results - so much for rapid!  A PCR test at a pharmacy, such as CVS or Walgreens, was all booked until late next week.  I told him to go to a private lab and get a PCR test.  It cost $250 but was immediately available and he had the PCR results in less than an hour.  So when they say that tests are readily available, they are - if you are willing to pay for it.

I'm not sure of the timeline, that is, when she was in Florida, when she left, when she became symptomatic.  So, it's hard to say, without that information, where she contracted the virus.  It's hard to say even with that information.  But, I am sure she will blame it on the Republicans, who, of course, are to blame for everything.

Latest data from Florida:  Last week there were 470 more deaths, bringing the total now to about 63,000 or so.  These are residents, not snow birds. Florida's Health Department stopped publishing the number of nonresidents who died after testing positive in Florida some time ago.

Florida has a large number of especially vulnerable people. Older people and Trumpers.  But still, 63,000 people is quite a lot of people.

Here in Maryland, we've passed the 12,000 figure.  So, Florida has about 5 times as many deaths as Maryland. The total population of Florida is around 21.5 million, which is a bit more than 3 times the population of Maryland (around 6.2 million).

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