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OK, Friday is Saint Patricks day. The brisket is in the fridge. While I normally these days just crock it with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and onions and serve it up with a little homemade horseradish creme (reserving the left overs for Saturday's reubens), I'm open to hearing other strategies for Friday's dinner.
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Anyone see a conundrum in the facts that:
-Ireland is predominantly Catholic
-We're in Lent
-St Pat's day is a Friday
-in Lent, you aren't supposed to eat meat on Fridays
-Corned Beef is meat (barely)

I do love the fact that the local archbishop will sometimes waive the rules...

Disclosure - I'm not Catholic but my wife is so I'm kept up to speed on this stuff.
Not a practicing catholic, but there was an article in the papers where the diocese gave special dispensation for this year. Better to observe some other sacrafice and preserve our sacred Irish heritage.

When I was growing up we were never supposed to be eating meat on Fridays (to the extent that the public schools even gave us a choice of meat or fish on Fridays, the only time we had a choice).

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