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Until very recently, I would have answered the subject question with a definite “yes.” I’m pretty sure that it’s become increasingly rare for me to open a bottle that’s undrinkable. So in that context, I’m kinda choked that in the last 6 weeks I’ve opened 3 special occasion bottles that have been horribly disappointing:

- 2006 Bouchard Pére Chevalier-Montrachet, bought at Heathrow duty-free in 2009 and stored properly since, opened for friend’s engagement; oxidized.

- 2009 Château Smith Haute Lafite Blanc, bought locally on release; corked (and quite badly!).

- 2012 Domaine Laroche Chablis Les Clos, bought locally on release, opened for birthday dinner; oxidized, not terribly but clearly flawed and undrinkable.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had this many spoiled wines in a short time span. These were all wines for which I had very high expectations. I know it’s just coincidence that this happened to me recently, but it’s made curious about others’ experiences.

Do you find that the frequency of spoiled wines has changed for you over the last decade or so?



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I hear you, Bill, but although the wines we buy most now are whites, and the 3 problematic bottles do happen to be white Burgs or Bordeaux, I was wondering in more general terms about folks’ experiences with spoiled wines.

For example, while my wife and I drink fewer red wines than we used to, I still have a lot of Rhône and Tuscan reds. I honestly don’t remember the last time I opened one that was corked or in any other way flawed. I do, however, recall opening bottles years ago that were cooked, corked, or just plain unpleasant, not often but I would say with some regularity. That doesn’t seem to be the case for a few years now. So, having had a small spate of flawed bottles— and particularly ones that I was so looking forward to— I am curious whether other people have perhaps noticed any changes, positive or negative, in the frequency of spoiled bottles that they’ve encountered in recent years.

It would be nice to hear that it’s much less common today.🙂  It is for me, at least.

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