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My wife and I are leaving Saturday early AM for a trip to San Antonio. We usually bring nice wine from our cellar with us when we travel, and are quite willing to pay a corkage fee in the restaurants we dine at. However, in looking at the WS Dining guide, virtually no restaurants in Texas have corkage fees listed. Will we have a problem? Any advice will help. Thank you.
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Corkage is supposedly illegal in Texas depending on the type of license. I'll tell you right now that 99% of the restaurants you call will tell you "no corkage is allowed, it's against the law because of our liquor license". However, that's not always true.

Having said all of that...

If you call the establishment ahead of time and ask to speak directly to the manager and nicely explain you're in town for a special occassion and have a couple of special bottles you'd like to discreetly bring to the restaurant you might be able to get them in. Some places will just let you do it. Some will let you do it for a corkage fee. Some will let you buy a bottle off of their list for a bottle brought in. Some simply won't allow it under any circumstances.

Let me know if you have any other questions and best of luck.
Vino - We're staying at the Marriott Rivercenter, and would probably like to eat around the Riverwalk. Price per person for an entree around $15 - $35, and we enjoy all cuisine. Nice, quiet atmosphere, linen tablecloths and napkins, with wait staff who have been "nicely" trained, is our preference. Please let us know if you know of places like that that allow discreet wine with corkage. Thank you.
I was hoping you wouldn't say that - not because you won't have a wonderful time but because BYO options downtown, especially along the Riverwalk, don't exist. Nonetheless the Riverwalk is beautiful and your hotel is one of the nicer ones downtown.

Here are a few suggestions for "finer" dining along the Riverwalk (without considering BYO but you can try):

Biga on the Banks
Las Ramblas
Las Canarias
Le Reve

a few more casual dining spots on the river or downtown:

Guenther House
La Margarita

and a bar or two:

Jim Cullum's Jazz Landing
Dirty Nelly's Irish Pub

Sorry I couldn't help with the BYO but hopefully these will help with dining plans. If there's anything else you need just reply. Have a great trip!

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