I just purchased several bottles of 2002 Two Hands Bella's Garden (Australia) which rates a WS 96! 1 of the bottles I noticed clearly has 2 wine (red coloring) streaks up the cork which I suspect has now lowered the integrity of the wine and likely caused damage with air, etc. There are no foil wrappers on these bottles so you can inspect the cork quite easily.

Does everyone agree and should I be taking that bottle back for replacement or refund???
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If the wine haven't actually leaked out the bottle the chances are the cork is intact. I frequently open bottles that have stained corked up the side and they are fine in all respects. If you plan on drinking the bottle soon I wouldn't worry about it. If you open the bottle and the wine is oxidised then take it back at that time.

If the bottle had foil on and had tinted glass (like most of them), there is no way you would know about the staining till you pulled the cork and saw the staining on it.


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