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I believe this was available only at the winery.

Dark in color with only slight bricking at the edge. The aromas burst from the bottle on opening with strong dark fruits and currant.

This has a wonderful, mouth-coating feel to it with good depth. Currant, dark cherry, ainse, and earth flavors on a still firm frame. Better the second day.

I personally think this has a longer life ahead than the '97 Georges vineyard. Hold for at least two more years if you have some. 92 pts and a good qpr at the $24 I paid. Recent releases haven't been as good IMO.
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GMTinJapan and Board-O rated the Valley View Vineyard here and had similiar 92ish ratings. I've commented on the 98, which I'd give a 86-87. Otisabdul gave the 98 a 89. 1998 was a blend of all the vineyards.

The 1999 just hit retail. I think Lone Oak, but I've forgotten. (They told me they sold all the fruit from Lone Oak or Valley View in 99 but Barbara Cooper couldn't remember which one.) Stef and I had a bottle at A.P Stumps a couple months ago, 89-90 for me as I recall, still wrapped up tight in French oak. The 1999 George's hasn't been released yet as far as I know, I saw it at the winery 6-7 weeks ago, but Barbara wouldn't open it yet, although I did get to be the first person to have 2000 Cab Franc opened for them.

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart
tlily - I tried the Valley View from '97 as well and thought the Lone Oak to be slightly better structured with about the same concentration of fruit.

Yeah, the recent releases comment was more of a blanket statement about their wines in general since '97. All C-G '97 cabs are very good to great but they haven't had as successful a vintage since. The '99 cab franc was pretty good though.

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