I love roast garlic but I have not done it in a while. What is the ideal cooking time and temperature in the oven to get nice roast garlic cloves?

As a seperate but related question if I am cooking some lamb at 375F and if I just wanted to throw some garlic in at the end, How much time should I give the garlic?
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Cut the top off of the head of garlic. Season with S&P. Wrap individually in tin foil. Roast at 250 for 35-40 minutes. When the lamb has about 10 minutes left, throw them back in the oven. Using a small knive, you can scoop out the cloves or you can squeeze the whole head. Enjoy.
Garlic takes one hour at 350. I do them on the bbq too. At 375 do them for about 45 min. Cut off tops, drizzle with olive oil,hit with kosher salt and wrap each one in a piece of foil like a little package. Perfect every time.
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I'm an EVOO drizzler. 45 minutes @ 350. Mash these cloves up and mix into mashed potatoes with a little milk, sour cream, parmigiano reggiano and some chopped chives. Holey Moley!

I go a little farther. I clean all the cloves out of the head. I put them in a flat layer in a ramekin covered w/ oil and dusted w/ sea salt. Then I bake them at give/take 300 (my oven is goofy) for around 20-30 minutes (I watch through the glass from the 20 min point). They come out carmelized and nicely roasted.
I too drizzle with evoo. I also make garlic confit from time to time. Poach peeled garlic cloves in evoo for 1/2 hour over med-low heat. I keep the cloves in the poaching oil in the refrigerator, the garlic has a similar flavour to roasted and the oil can also be used as it is infused with garlic flavour.
I also roast individual unpeeled cloves in a hot fry skillet for about fifteen minutes when I don't want to go the trouble of heating the oven to only roast garlic.
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Be careful with the olive oil. If not cooked properly, one can contract botulism.

What about all that oil I use that I don't cook. It doesn't seem to be an issue with Italian olive oil.
I don't think the chefs that I have worked for and have been taught by at school would have messed up on something like botulism.

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