I admit that I enjoy Hell's Kitchen for what it is. I like The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares.

Cookalong, however was simply horrible. Having Cedric The Entertainer as one of the "celebrity guests" should have been my first clue.

The Allyson Hannigan/Band Camp joke was fine the first time. The second time Ramsey used it? Not so much.

Good thing there is a Carrie Underwood special on next week in the same time slot. Roll Eyes
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It's actually not bad over here. I haven't seen the American version yet.

Is there an American f-word? Or are you watching on BBC?
I think the concept looks stupid. So now he's supposed to be a nice guy? I can't stand watching any of his shows. Watching people get yelled at is not my idea of entertainment.
I saw the title but did not watch - what is the format? Is it a ripoff of the old Cooking Live program with Sarah Moulton? I actually liked that show -
This was a complete trainwreck. Period. Unless you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.

I like his other shows, but this was just bizzare. It reminded me of those local morning shows where they bring on some "celebrity" chef, and he/she has 4 minutes to cook something and act bubbly doing it. Except this dragged on for an entire hour. I think I heard the words, "Fantastic! Amazing!" about 50 times.
But the worst part was that he damn near ruined Steak Diane for me. This is one of my favorite dishes, and his version looked like it was made by Swanson, and he had the gall to talk about presentation! If one of those miscreants from Hell's Kitchen put that garbage on a plate, he'd have thrown it at their head.
Unbelievable! Roll Eyes
I'll jump in and concur with everyone else. We've really enjoyed the F-Word on BBC, and America could do well with a show that got it cooking more. But yes, we could not finish the show either; it was simply terrible.

I love Gordon, and I watched it, but couldn't stand the show...will give it another shot, but not a big fan. Other shows are much better... -mJ
His other shows are certainly much better. But I did enjoy watching this, if only to see some yum food and pick up a few tips.

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