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This is a "classic example" of how food/wine or cheese/wine pairings don't always have a "classic wisdom" to them. Harvey Steiman said the same in one of his blogs last year: just pair whatever wine you want with whatever dish you want. Are there, gastronomically speaking, better pairings than others? Sure. Are there any "wrong" pairings? No. Why don't you go buy some Manchego, and try numerous different types of wine with it. Let us know what you think. ... after all, you should only be concerned with your own opinion on this matter anways.
I agree with Board-O, it's a very versatile cheese. We keep some in the house most of the time.

According to my wine and cheese book: Serve manchego before dinner with a fino or manzanilla sherry. After the meal, a big red wine such as a Rioja or Ribera del Duero from Spain or a Corbieres or Coteaux de Languedoc from southwest France.
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As others have said, not all cheese works. IMO a sharp dry cheese is a better bet with most reds than a softer or unripened cheese.

Manchego is a sheep milk cheese and many of those go well with reds like cab. Doesn't have to be sheep cheese although I like those. But dry tends to be a safer choice and there there are many decent pairings - Romano and Parmesan are always nice to have around, aged Gouda can be good, and so many others. Manchego isn't my favorite cheese by a long shot but it can be fine.

But who cares what your book says? If you like it, the book doesn't apply to you.

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