tasting notes for the aussie command shiraz. offered through liquor control board at 69.00 cad. Any thoughts
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If you don't mind, I'm going to answer this via a fresh thread dealing with the Classics Catalogue in general, as I'd like the advice of the nibs here on several wines that are being offered.

On second thought, I'll quickly say here that CAD$69 for the 99 Command is steep, IMHO. Berry Brothers in London is offering it for about CAD$50, though according to Winesearcher.com it is more expensive in the US, about what is being asked here. Aussie wines are usually muchmore expensive in the US than here, which also suggests that it is overpriced.

I don't think you'll find many tasting notes for this, because few who have it would have opened a bottle yet. I have a bottle of the 96 and intend to let it sit until 2006. This is too big a wine to appreciate it so young.


for the September 20 TAA:

1997 Fonseca LBV port.

Post your TNs now. If you are merely confused by all these acronyms, follow this thread....

I'll reiterate this in the Classics thread, but I will be making my usual appearance at the Classics tasting on Sept. 29th and this is one of the wines being poured. I'll report back the following day with TNs.

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