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It may be a bit early, but we can get some discussion going.

Will we get a season? If so, what will it look like? Will it be played in front of fans? Like everything else in these crazy times, no one really knows with certainty.

The only thing I know is that the enormous money that it raises subsidizes the non-revenue sports and the overall universities, so every effort will be made to play football.  The SEC will play ball regardless of the other schools.


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They'll play I'm sure. Can't see there being full stadia though, which will be weird.  There is too much TV money not to play.  Interesting thing will be what the schools do with ticket revenue and seat licences (I mean contributions to the athletic fund required to purchase season tickets).  I've heard that some are simply not refunding and treating both the ticket price and contribution as a gift to the school in the event there are no fans allowed at games.  Cue the class action. 

I agree there will probably be games, but the questions are plenty.  When will they start?  How will they try to ensure equality between schools or will they even care?  What if one school has a player test positive - will they play, not play, forfeit?  How will fans be handled?  If they allow a percentage of capacity will they screen at the gates?  How will they choose who can attend?  Too many more to list but it will certainly be interesting. 

As a 20+ year season ticket holder, life-long fan and alum I'd love to go watch my Horns but to be honest, even if they do play I'm not sure how comfortable I am without some pretty sizable crowd limitations and then, what happens to the other half of the fun - tailgating, camaraderie, etc. 

First world problems to be sure so not too concerned at this point, but it does cross my mind.

Here is a big question which could affect the future of the sport. The NCAA has hidden behind the "student/athlete" mantra forever. The pro leagues and tours such as the PGA and NASCAR will operate in a bubble, fans or not. College purport to the notion that the athletes, particularly football and basketball, are just normal students. If so, can they be separated from the campus at large? If so, then are they then classified as the pro athletes that they real are, whether they are being paid under the table? We will see. 

The PAC-12 also cancelled all non-conference games while the SEC and ACC are expected to make a decision by the end of July.  Supposedly if the ACC goes to conference only they would somehow include Notre Dame (not sure how that all works out).  Lesser conferences are really hurting bad now, with the MAC losing lots of games against big-time opponents that pay the bills (i.e. tOSU vs Bowling Green).  Also SWAC has cancelled the football season.

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