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winedrmike posted:

Got to believe that Oregon is going to be the next football powerhouse.  Now that the path was cleared for athletes to profit off of their likeness, you would think that every 5 star in the nation is going to line up for some of that Nike money.

I don't think that's what the NCAA is going to allow.  Recall that the profiting off NIL, has to be aligned with the collegiate model or something like that, i.e. the NCAA is still going to ensure that it gets the lion's share of the money from the Nikes and Under Armors.

How does a very unsuccessful coach, who coaches 21 games walk away with $18 million for a state university? Florida State had no choice to fire Willie Taggert now.

 Colleges are having problems paying their professors and the football coach is fired and get rich.  He gets close to $900 grand a game.

 Coaches should be hired with a performance expectation clause in their contract.  If you don’t meet the agreed-on expectations, you are dismissed with no further compensation.

 The person who gave Taggert this deal should have been the one fired. 

jburman82 posted:

FLwino, that's the cost of doing business now. Coaches are have all the leverage. Every contract reads the same way. They get paid no matter what.

Especially since they pried him away from Oregon, which is a pretty good gig.  Lacks the in-state talent of Florida but has great financial backing and facilities.

FLwino, also understand, at least its not the taxpayers putting up the money.  Only a small piece of his compensation was on the state payroll.  

flwino posted:


 Coaches should be hired with a performance expectation clause in their contract.  If you don’t meet the agreed-on expectations, you are dismissed with no further compensation.


You're crazy if you think any "name" coach, which is what FSU wants and the alumni expect, would take that gig with such a clause in their contract. 

jburman82 posted:

I think the Young story is ridiculous but I love how it's being sold as a "family friend" but he met him the summer before his freshman year in college. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Should forfeit every win he played in...but the NCAA is totally in OSU’s back pocket otherwise Fields would be sitting out this year so, he’ll probably be back playing when they really “need” him.

Weekend Summary

Family wedding, I know there should be a law, but I still managed to keep up. There were easily 30 people in the bar portion of the clubhouse watching the end of Bama/LSU including almost every male in my family (it's just what we do).

There were two almost mortal locks this week, and I do not bet, but these were as close to sure things as exist. The first was LSU covering as Bama was favored only due to their recent dominance in the series and not their performance this year. This game indeed lived up to its billing as a high scoring affair. Alabama has recently imploded in big games, making errors uncharacteristic of a Saban team. LSU capitalized just enough for the win, and Joe Burrow may have had his Heisman moment on his final two drives. Barring a major upset, LSU can afford a loss in the SEC Title Game and still make the playoff. They are the first team since the 70s to notch four top ten wins in their first nine games. Coach O unleased a fiery F bomb to his team in the locker room but I will go with his classic "Geaux Tigahs".

The second lock was Clemson covering the spread this week, and hereon unless the oddsmakers adjust. These Tigers know they have little margin for error, and Dabo was given a gift with the initial ranking of 5 last week. I know he started that underdog rant (ROY bus and all), so his team will be on fire. Besides, that is their modus of past seasons.

We have a new catch phrase in CFB, courtesy of PJ Fleck, in "row the boat". Fleck looks to be the next super coach and has Minnesota, yes I said Minnesota, firmly in the playoff picture as they held off Penn St late. I looked at their history, and the Gophers were great in the leather  helmet era, but nothing since 1960 (where they are credited with a natty despite two losses). We will see if they can handle success and beat the Buckeyes.

Ohio State rolled Maryland for 73 points despite no Chase Young. Georgia easily beat Missouri. Both OU and Baylor survived setting up maybe the first of two games between the two.

Everyone pretty much has LSU, Ohio St and Clemson as their top 3. The next level is Georgia, Bama, Oregon or Utah, and OU or Baylor. Lots of football left.

One final note to file away. I went to the Coastal Carolina game last Thursday. They were smoked by the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns, whose coach is Billy Napier. This team is likely to go 10-2 and play App St for the Sun Belt. Napier has four years with Dabo and four years with Saban. I was very impressed watching his team. If you are looking for the next coach in the SEC, Napier may be it.

I'm stunned by Minn. They barely scraped by 3 FCS teams to start the season then played the 5 worst Big 10 teams who all had to play 2nd or 3rd string QBs due to injury. I thought they were a fraud. 

This Bob Stoops to FSU stuff has me scratching my head. I dont get why he comes out of retirement. I dont get why he comes here when our Pres and AD are out within the next 18-24 months. But, credible people are saying it's a done deal and not one other name has leaked out all week. Call me hopeful but skeptical I guess.

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