I do not know if many of the old participants are still out there, but hopefully we can draw them back for our usual passionate discussion of college football. Quoting my new favorite singer Luke Combs "if you are not fired up for football season then something is wrong with you". He also has a line in a song that "like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart". It is an emotional sport for sure.

Unfortunately for fans of other teams, the same three schools are at the top, primarily due to their huge recruiting hauls. Clemson, Alabama and Georgia simply have rosters above everyone else. I look for two of these three to play for it all again next January.

There are intriguing stories elsewhere who could rise to playoff status:

Oklahoma - Lincoln Riley has another senior transfer QB in Jalen Hurts (Bama). Remember that Riley has coached the last two Heisman winners in Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, both transfers. If Hurts rises to this level of play, the Sooners will be in the playoff.

Ohio State - the Buckeyes have former #1 recruit QB Justin Fields from Georgia, but he is not a proven commodity to date. They still have talent, but it remains to be seen if Ryan Day can coach at a high level.

Michigan - Jim Harbaugh pretty much better beat Ohio St this year or the Wolverine fan base will be on him. While he also has a nice roster, I do not get the pre-season love for this team.

LSU - transfer QB Joe Burrow (seeing a trend here) is in his second year, and the Bengal Tigers are sensing a big year. However, their schedule is brutal and they still have Coach O at the helm. Wild card team here.

Florida - the Gators still have not obtained an elite roster (very good but far from great) and lost too many key recruits in the offseason. However, Dan Mullen is using the transfer portal well so there is a shot. Their season's result is simple, can Felipe Franks play like he did at the end of last year, or improve, and will the young OL produce. If so, they can have a good year.

Oregon - the Ducks are emerging as a recruiting power and the Pac 12 needs a playoff team desperately. It may come down to senior QB Justin Herbert. Their first game against Auburn (the ultimate wild card team every year) will tell us a lot.

Finally, prayers granted for Texas A&M and South Carolina. Both have Alabama, Georgia and Clemson on their schedule.  



















Original Post

Ok it was Week 0 and that's the quality of game we got. The scoreboard says the Gators won 24-20 but I still do not believe it. Give Miami credit for putting up a very good fight, but let's face it, this was a game both teams deserved to lose.

I thought that Feleipe Franks had turned the corner as a QB, expecting a big year, but what we got was the same erratic, showboating, frustrating guy. He is a very difficult guy to support even if he is on my team. He did make enough plays to win the game, but he threw one of the dumbest interceptions ever. The facial expression of Steve Spurrier said it all there.

Miami had a nice game plan allowing young QB Jarren Williams (he is going to be good) a chance to make plays despite his young OL. Their wildcat with DJ Dallas worked great especially since the Gators decided not to tackle him. The Canes also had the ball bouncing their way, recovering every fumble and having both tipped pass in their favor (TD and int). However, the Gators pass rush won this game, even after Miami had the last eight minutes to score (longest eight minutes ever).

The Gators better improve or it is a 7-5 year. Specifically, the interior OL needs a push for the running game, the receivers need to get separation, the DBs need to live up to their reputations and Franks (help us here) needs to mature.





Weekend Summary

It was week one, but it felt like mid-season, playing golf, cooking steaks, drinking beer/White Claw/wine and watching college football with my son.

We got a classic to start the season in Jerry World. Oregon came out fast grabbing a lead on Auburn and definitely left precious points on the table early. These Ducks are different and I think that they will be a force going forward, solid team. However, the perpetual roller coaster that is Gus Bus ball rallied for a last second wind. Frosh QB Bo Nix played like one, but he never quit and delivered two great passes when it counted, something very hard to teach. As one of my favorite bloggers said "Auburn kept punching the ATM machine and money finally came out".

At the top, it looks like business as usual. Clemson, Georgia, Bama and Ohio St all won easily. I still think Clemson and Georgia are the best. Bama had trouble running the ball on Duke on short yardage and they lost their best LB, Dylan Moses, for the season. Georgia transfer Justin Fields lit it up for Ohio St.

Let's call this hot seat central:

Charlie Strong - South Florida gets rolled by Wisconsin 49-0 in Tampa. Good man but it seems to be falling apart.

Willie Taggart - FSU starts strong then collapses for a crushing loss. Please keep him.

Will Muschamp - always plays not to lose and then always loses. Great defensive assistant but not a head coach. Although Mack Brown is back making NC respectable, he still made his usual dumb decision taking a knee with time still on the clock.

Matt Luke - Ole Miss loses to a good Memphis team but he was a compromise choice.

Chip Kelly - UCLA losing and offense is boring. Bad fit and thankfully Gators did not hire him.

Jeremy Pruitt - loses to 2-10 Ga State in Neyland getting dominated on both lines. Could be another Muschamp, good defensive coach not fit for head job.

The question is, which of these school presidents will hold their nose, sell their soul, and hire Hugh Freeze (who coached from a hospital bed yesterday).







Happy to beat the Ducks again on a final drive. Auburn is going to be a wild ride this year.

Agree on your Hot Seat list SCbeerman, with Kelly and Taggart being the biggest towers to likely fall. Although, the buyouts may keep them around. FSU has only blown 18 point leads twice and both of those occurred under Taggart. Boise St ran 108 plays while controlling the ball for 40 minutes. Ouch!   

SC thanks for the summaries, they will keep me coming back to the Forums.  

Didn't watch THE Ohio State game as I was out golfing, but from the highlights Fields looks like he is going to be pretty dynamic.  Granted it was against FAU, but a nice way to start the season (52 yard TD on his 2nd play from scrimmage!).  

My Miami (OH) Redhawks fell to a pretty good Iowa team, they kept it close early but then it got out of hand.

Jalen Hurts looked great for Oklahoma, will they be able to stop a team when it counts though.  

Fun first weekend. 

I don't really follow college football, but I do note that U of Maryland is now 2-0, having scored 79 points in their first game and 63 yesterday.  Yesterday they knocked off a ranked team (Syracuse #21) by scoring 6 touchdowns in the first half.


Weekend Summary

As for missing my calling, maybe, but beer pays better. This is just for fun as is my Instagram. Just ask W2A for my handle (his is really good as well). It is golf, food and landmarks.

Early in the season so it is hard to get a handle on everything. To me, there are six teams with a chance at the whole thing so we start there. Clemson faced a Texas A&M team that gave them a game last year, but the Aggies had to make a trip to Upstate SC. The Tigers were not flashy, just methodical, in a 24-10 win. Dabo always brings his teams to a peak, and they have a schedule which allows them that luxury. Georgia and Bama handled outmatched opponents, nothing remarkable there.

Now onto the three teams which are better than I thought pre-season. The formula is simple for Lincoln Riley, take a good transfer QB and make him a Heisman winner and #1 pick. Jalen Hurts has adapted well thus far, and is putting up superior numbers at this point to Mayfield and Murray. The Sooner defense, while maybe not dominant, may be good enough to get it done this year. Georgia transfer and former #1 recruit Justin Fields looks to be for real as well. I thought that OSU would dip a bit under Ryan Day, but maybe not. The Bucks dominated a decent Cincinnati team. LSU visited Austin and played a Big 12 type game, outlasting Texas 45-38. Transfer QB joe Burrow (seeing the pattern here) looked the best of any LSU QB in recent memory. All three of these teams are serious playoff contenders.  

Now for a few teams under the radar who could be better than we think. Wisconsin can score points. So can Maryland. Both can be factors in the Big 10. Mack Brown has revived NC with frosh QB Sam Howell. Wake Forest can score points but we will see if they can play against teams with big lines. NC plays Wake next week.

And for the ones who are a bit less than expected. Michigan was fortunate to beat Army, to be fair so was OU last year, and Shea Patterson better start throwing better. Jim Harbaugh is annoying enough, and if he does not win the Big 10 this year it may be back to the NFL. I still think Scott Frost will do ok at Nebraska, but they are not a real threat to win the Big 10.

And finally, a few things that are already trite this season. One, Aussie punters who are 30 years old, Two, announcers saying if you know you are going for it on 4th down it affects the 3rd down call (duh). Three, the term complimentary football (meaning a slow tempo offense helps your defense).



Mike Locksley is proving to be quite the enigma as an offense minded coach. As the OC at Bama for just 1yr, he changed their approach to a more wide open offense and set a lot of school records. Or was it mostly Tua? The early, high scoring success at Maryland suggests he's got a mind for the game.

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