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Props to the Sooners for fighting back, but that’s the wrong team to dig a hole for yourself to start the game.

Trevor Lawrence was able to pick on an inexperienced DB against the Catholics, but he won’t have that easy-out against Bama. Toward the end of the season, the SEC teams with the better DL's have been able to slow Bama's attack down, for at least part of the game - is Clemson's DL up to the task?

greendrazi posted:

There's a very good chance that the Sharks will out draw the CFC game.  Very good chance.  If the Warriors were playing tonight their local tv share would probably be double the football game.

The article is correct, interest in college football here is very low.  There's also no following for Alabama or Clemson locally, no alumni to speak of -  real or tailgate.  Those two schools don't travel well outside of the South so no one is flying in for the game.  Finally I think locally that football fans who have a heritage of Montana, Young, Garcia, Elway, Luck , Goff and Rodgers, consider Alabama and Clemson's brand of football monumentally boring.  

Tickets are going for 1/2 to 1/3 of face value and I have a friend with a suite that's going to go unused.  

arsenal4ever posted:

Considering the 49ers (100-139, 42%) and Raiders (85-159, 35%) records in the past 15 years, maybe the Bay Area should start following college football more. At least Stanford has won.

So about 10 years ago we're in a hotel in New Orleans having coffee in the lobby.  There's a family across from us and the guy is explaining to who I guess was his father in -law that: "He was a Georgia fan until he moved to Alabama.  Then he was an Auburn fan, because he just couldn't root for Bama.  Now of course he's an LSU fan since they live in Louisiana, but he still roots for Georgia if they're not playing LSU."

Stef turns to me and says: "Aren't you supposed to root for the school you went to?"  

I say: "That's not how it works down here".

It's exactly how it works here though.  There's really no following of any of the local college teams except by alumni.  No subway alumni or tail gate alumni or whatever you want to call them.

“Fans” that switch allegiance are rarely alumni in any region. College football has a much longer history in the SE region than professional sports and hence, has a larger following by non-alumni than most other areas. And the few pro teams that did start in the 60's were mostly run by families for profit, not success (i.e., few championships). The Dolphins had success back in the 70's, but Miami is not a part of the SE.

The streak continues. The number 1 seed has yet to win the championship.

Not only had Saban never lost by 28 points at Alabama, he had never trailed by 28 points. The first time since 2011 Alabama had zero sacks and zero turnovers. 

Bama played 3 top QB’s in their last 3 games and gave up over 1000 yards in passing in the 3 games.  Bama went scoreless the last 44 minutes, and Clemson held ND to 3 points all while one of their very best players was suspended. When does Brent Venables start getting more consideration for a head coaching job? 

Wow just wow. The evil empire just got crushed, dominated, whatever word you like to describe it. Yes, Clemson got a lot of breaks, but there is no doubt who was the better team.

Dabo is now an all time great coach. He is the ultimate culture guy as people love to work for him, unlike Saban. He a has DC in Venables (sorry W2A but that is OU's biggest mistake) who is financially secure without the headaches. He has two co-OCs who are Clemson alumni. This feels like the FSU staff which stayed together during their great run. Clemson is the new king of the hill and could be for a while.

RECRUITING MATTERS! If some of you from outside the SE wonder why we are so obsessed with recruiting, last night showed why. Trevor Lawrence was making throws that 1/3 of NFL QBs could not make. Pencil him in for a 15 year NFL career. Justyn Ross may be another generational talent at WR. You win championships with exceptional talents.

And finally, Hunter Renfrow has decided to retire from Clemson.

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