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Recent Colgin offering has been delayed as Colgin feels that "revising our schedule to give the wines more time in bottle prior to release."

It's clear that she is delaying the offering because of economic conditions - both general and Colgin specific - her latest offerings were selling at 50% off release price at the auctions in NYC in December.

Fooled me once, shame on you...fooled me twice, shame on me.

You are not fooling anyone, Ann Colgin! At $290.00/bottle it was an easy pass anyway, even with a near perfect RMP score.
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Beachrooster, I don't think any of us knows what that means. In one of JL's blogs last summer he talked about the average price per ton of CA cab fruit being about $7K. Some record fruit sold at $40K+. On the winery side, would a vast majority of the wineries go out of business if prices dropped drop 25% and the upper end collapsed? I don't believe so. If they did the vineyard would be sold at a market price that could flourish/survive at that price level. The fruit (supply) side will probably not go away.

Next is ego. Will some hot shot cultist refuse to sell wine at < $100 or $200 per bottle for pure ego purposes, maybe. But there is always someone waiting in the wings to use that fruit to make new wines. New exciting winemakers are always coming along. I was enjoying great wine long before most all of the current "stars" of winemaking came along, and will hopefully still be doing so when they have faded from the scene and next group arises.

So the same fruit will be there, the wine will be there. So maybe the only thing that "won't be around" is the name on the bottle, but the wine will hopefully be at friendlier price.

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