Cloudy Bay/Oyster Bay SB -- my face is red!

Bman gets a five minute major penalty for wine mis-identification, and humbly offers a thousand apologies to one and all, as I have confused my Kiwi SB Bays. I posted to a couple of threads that I was shocked at the prices charged in the US for Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, over USD$20, when we could get it here for CAD$17. In fact, it is the Oyster Bay SB that we get for CAD$17, not the Cloudy Bay. Oops! [Roll Eyes] In fact, I don't think I've seen the Cloudy Bay SB here, not recently at least, so can't say what it costs.
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you are excused, but sounds like you need to get your head out of the clouds and eat more oysters, that should keep the confusion at bay

I paid $26 abottle for the 2001 cloudy bay SB. I really enjoy it but I have a hard time buying a lot at that price.

Bman, the Cloudy Bay goes for about $32-$35 here. It's obviously not available through the LCBO as a standard product due to its allocation. I tried getting ahold of some through the merchant that brings it in from NZ, but he had already sold out of it. He too allocates it to his high-volume customers. He did give me a heads up on the fact that it may be available via Vintages over the next couple of months. At that price point, however, it's highly unlikely that I'll be picking any up.

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