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Well...Here I am...Not too long after starting this thread and my 28-bottle wine cellar is totally over-flowing. I'm basically sitting with 40 bottles right now and plan to buy at least another 6 this week after having an incredible wine the other night.

I try not to be wrong, but when I am I don't hide from it. I was having a discussion on Wine.Woot with someone about the validity of Thermoelectric Wine Chillers and I Googled some good information that has more or less proven to me that vibration from a compressor isn't going to cause any problems:
As to studies, a Dr. Vernon L. Singleton Professor of Enology, Emeritus from the University of California at Davis is described by Matt Kramer in his book "Making Sense of Wine" as having specialized in the effects of vibration on wine. Dr. Singleton is quoted as follows: "The only bad feature about vibration is possibly in dispersing sediments. You may, if you disperse them hard enough and often enough, find that it produces such fine particles that it fails to settle. So it may affect clarity, which in turn, can affect flavor. But barring that, I can say that vibration doesn't make a difference. If you can look at a bottle of wine and it's still clear, then it wasn't vibrated enough to make a difference." This is why we stand a bottle of old wine up on end for a few days before drinking it... a tradition I go along with because it makes sense.

So...That being said...

Now I need another wine chiller. Anyone want to throw out a recommendation of a good one I should consider? I'd be willing to consider anything up to 100 bottles I guess...Of course, I can't afford to drop $1000+ on one so that's probably a bit extreme. I did just see a 75-bottle Danby that would be $775 delivered. The 35-40 bottle chillers that run around $200 or so seem to be the best cost/bottle that I have seen. Best Buy and Home Depot have some that are in that range.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

I know this might be more than you want to go, but I found a miracle deal on Craigslist and ended up with a 440 bottle Vinotemp. It is really awesome looking and runs pretty quiet. It also does a great job of keeping the wine at a constant temperature, though it might not have the unique circumstances that you'd have in a retail atmosphere.

I would think you would also need to consider keeping wines stored upright after they are opened, whereas the one I have is setup only for horizontal storage. Anyway, something to consider I guess. I would also consider one of those distribution systems that keeps the wine in good shape for a long period of time...
vaaccess - I haven't read the entire thread closely, but there are a few things to think about. First, you can get an entirely adequate wine fridge for less money than you might pay for another only because of the aesthetics. You pay a lot more for an oak or mohagony finish, furniture-quality, etc., If you are willing to forgo those things, you can save some money by buying a unit that can go into your basement.

Also, if you don't need a glass door, you save a few bucks. And make sure you pick up a cooler that your local refrigeration guy can fix. Most of them are basically refrigerators but if you have unique or European parts, you don't want to be waiting for repairs in the middle of summer.

And I think everyone else has already pointed out - get much more than you ever think you'll need.

As far as storing half of your bottle in a 375 - I do it all the time. Keep in mind that when you pour the wine into the smaller bottle, it will be aerated and one of the points of wine storage is to avoid air, but you can usually keep a bottle for a couple of days by pouring it off and corking immediately, before drinking the other half. Refrigeration slows down the reactions, so put the bottle in the fridge.

Best of luck.

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