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Yea or nay?

I cannot think of an herb that provides bigger arguments. I cannot imagine a ceviche or salsa without it. I have friends who will actually get physically ill when they taste it. What's up with that? Confused

I've also found it a tough flavor to combine with wines, and have always thought "beer" when cilantro is involved as I'm not a big fan of the wines with "grassy" nuances that tend to compliment this spice.

I love cilantro!!


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Good points, PH. I'm a BIG fan... I love it in salsa, guacomole, etc. I don't use it in much else, but I couldn't imagine not having it in those types of dishes.

We do a lot of salsa in the summer when the tomatoes are ripe. We top fish, chicken and even hanger/flank steaks with it. I find the normal wines served with those dishes work OK... not great, but they do the trick.

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