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Last night was an AVO robusto cut in a natural wrapper.

Your thoughts on this one, WIML? Smile

It's one of my favorite smokes actually. It can be easily had for around $5.00 a stick or less and one hellova smoke at that price point. It's my go to cigar when I just want a decent smoke.
I smoke the occasional cigar, but not sure about what makes a "good" cigar vs. a "bad" assuming it’s like wine, personal preference...but im looking for some advice...

The best cigar I ever had was a box I bought in Dominican Republic...El Greco Hecho A Mano...about 5" long, thickness of a dime. I don’t recall what I paid or even if it was pricey or not, but I liked it a lot more than the Cohiba (sp?) I purchased (although it was probably fake)...

I find a lot of cigars ive had give me a burning sensation I my mouth and throat (I don’t have a "virgin" mouth/throat because I can smoke cigarettes and mini cigars like Captain Blacks all day without getting that burning sensation)...but maybe this is because they are poor quality cigars?

I would like some recommendations on some to try...I prefer something light, not so heavy...and I prefer a 15-45min smoke...

You'll find many people very happy to give friendly/helpful advice. And as good as that is, cigars are indeed like wine. To know what you like you really have to pull a lot of corks. With cigars, you really need to smoke a varity. That said, my personal tastes/advice for your taste would be recommendations for the following:

Cuban: Romeo ye Julieta Churchill. A 45 minute, medium strength, smoke. Easy to enjoy, well constructed and mid range in expense (for Cubans). No one beats a good Cuban cigar for quality of the construction IMHO.
Others: Avo Uvezian makes some very nice quality cigars. Not too strong and easy to like. Good quality throughout.

As I mentioned, you're likely to get several, very fine, recommendations here. Try a few and find what you like. Enjoy!
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Arturo Fuente - Hemingway

Always a safe smoke. I'm taking a few cigars with me to Scottsdale today. I wonder if you can even enjoy a cigar in Scottsdale? Wink

It looks like temps in the 103-105 range for the next few days in Scottsdale; a veritable cool wave for this time of year.
I have smoked some cigars that have aged for years. It was a Cohiba, not sure the size, but it brought tears to my a good way! Big Grin

Originally posted by cali wine:
Anyone trying to age their cigars a bit ? I have noticed that even as little as a few months in the humidor after purchase deepens and balances the flavor of quality cigars.

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