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Ew.... Don't use the words term "jack" and "Zingasm" in the same post.... Eek


Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Cool On very rare occasions, I love a cigar...the birth of my now 4 month old, perfectly beautiful grandaughter... when my very best friend came out in July from Tennessee as my houseguest... when we got home after moving my baby girl in August into her dorm at college... Wink
When i did smoke ashton vsg, series r robusto, monte 2 tubos habana.
I once read that there was something like 350 times more cohibas sold each year than made. While I think I might have had a few originals in the probably hundreds that I tried I always stayed away from stocking them.
Used to keep at least two humidors going, one for the cubans, one for the others.
For a mellow smoke I used to like p&G, la fontana and acid cigars.
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Apparently this is a touchy subject here, vinosnob. There was a cigar thread that I started here some time ago, but it seems to have been "dissapeared....." Frown


That is very odd. Confused

... and yes, I greatly enjoy a fine ciger! Smile
in the last few months ive enjoyed a cigar on the course of the first times, lazy rounds with good weather & good company...

1st time actually my partner wasnt doing well, and he tries to right the ship on the back 9... well, by #10 tee the cart girl pulls up and im like, i'll have a cigar & 2 shots, me Jack, him Grey Goose... no stogies on the cart so the girl drives up to the clubhouse and back and brings me a Macanudo... i light it up, we finish the hole, get to #11 and just as we're saying cheers a marshall drives up... "look at you two guys..." he says with a laugh... it was a very relaxing, enjoyable back 9 from there...

other time i grabbed a Monte Cristo @ the pro shop and sat out on the patio and proceeded to go through 4 Crown & 7's while i puffed away at about 3:00-4:30 pm... could not complain at all
I came across the mention of pre-ban Cubans being legal, in another thread and thought I'd ask what seems to me to be an obvious question. Please forgive my ignorance, I'm not a smoker.
So why would anyone have/smoke a 50 year old cigar? Unlike wine, and even under the best of storage conditions, I can't imagine one tasting anything other than sawdust or composte by now.
Maybe you can get James Suckling to chime in here, because he is a cigar nut. I've had some aged Cigars over the years (never as old as pre-embargo, though), and I can tell you that, like a good wine, properly stored cigars will develop with age. They tend to mellow and devleop a richer flavor over time.
Perhaps I've missed it but I think it may have been deleted. I remember having a discussion about where to buy Cubans reliably. PH, I think you listed a website that you have used. I am particularly interested in Limited edition Cohibas. I have some big celebrating to do soon and would appreciate some advice.
In Windsor, ON on business earlier today. Couldn't resist picking up a couple for the weekend:

Romeo y Julieta Churchill
Romeo y Julieta Escudos Edición Limitada 2007

Convenient for purchase however, at $30 per, almost twice the price of PH's site. Frown

YIKES! I just realized this purchase has made me "lawless and amoral". Razz Big Grin
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Today on the driving range, Montecristo #2 Habana.

Wonderful cigar isn't it? Had one last month...sadly I only brought one back from the Caribbean.

Indeed Chile. Cool

I brought a box back from our trip to Europe in November, and gave 12 to a friend.
A buddy and I picked up and smoked a pre-embargo Cuban in Hilton Head over the summer from our regular reputable cigar shop. I wouldn't call myself an aficionado, but I do enjoy a good stogie.

It certainly didn't taste like sawdust or compost. It was full of flavor and a very manly smoke, but there is a funny story.

We had been at the beach all day with the wives. We followed up the day back at the house with a big dinner, followed by a 20-yr old Tawny and the cubans. We were both enjoying them immensly with our feet up on the patio table commenting on how unbelievable the cigar was. About halfway through the cigar, almost simultaneously each got up, I went to my bedroom and threw up trying to clear the head spinning. He did the same. Neither of us made mention to the wives on where we were going, I rallied for about 10 more minutes before retiring for the night. He never came back. Smile All I can say is GREAT CIGAR !!

FWIW, I'm an Arturo Fuente guy.
I just celebrated my son's birth with a 2004 Fuente Opus X Forbidden X.

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