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Right, because such a large percentage of your posts are wine-related. Have you off-lined with anyone from this forum? Do you post tasting notes?

We're so bad bill, of course we don't support the racist bigoted former president who tried to engineer a coup against our democracy; so we have the going for us. Nor did we childishly run away when a person we voted for didn't win.

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It's a pity there is a misunderstanding here. But in general, this thread includes much useful information, so I want to thank everyone who shared the experience here. With ll this situation in the world and my personal and family issues, I started suffering from insomnia. Honestly speaking, I don't want to take sleeping pills. Moreover, they are prescribed only for a short period of time. After almost three weeks of awful nights and days, I finally tried the Gold Bee CBD gummies. They turned out to be helpful (and delicious ). I feel much better now. I shared my story in the hope it will be useful for someone. And it would be great to find out whether someone uses CBD products, and if yes, what brands you like (I tried the first two oils from different manufacturers with no luck).

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So best medicine ever is a good wine. The there is no doubt about that). Maybe Chinese medicine also works, no idea and i don't want to check. Some tea helps for insomnia - possible, mint or camomile tea have same effect. There are also very good natural pills and drops for insomnia which i order from canadian pharmacy. There is no need to experiment here and try something which can have side effects in the future.

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