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What would you pair with the following dishes. Specific houses/styles if you can

Fried Lotus root with ground beef sandwiches
ingredients: salt, white and black pepper, sugar, garlic, corn starch, lotus root and beef

Long beans with ground beef
ingredients: soy, sesame oil, black pepper, sugar, oyster sauce (5 spice, garlic, soy, molasses components), ginger, beef, long beans

assorted sauteed mushrooms with a mirin soy base sauce
ingredients: beech, oyster, shitake, enoki
mirin, soy sauce, butter, garlic
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Given the title of this thread, I'm inferring you want specific Champagne recs?

Going backwards... for the mushrooms you want something really "wine-y". As a house, Billecart-Salmon springs to mind. Somewhat aged Charles Heidsieck. Like the '95 BdB. A couple of grower houses -- Michel Arnould, for example -- would also qualify. So would properly aged Salon Wink Razz

The beans sound like they would do well with something hearty or with darker fruit. Bollinger SC would be fine here on the hearty side. Paul Déthune Rosé drinks link a darker sparkling rosé and might go very nicely.

Lotus root and beef: Zesty. Light a Taittinger Comtes (which drinks like sparkling white Burgundy). Pierre Gimonnet. Pol Roger, maybe.


Champagne. Honestly, most good Champagnes will be fine anywhere here.

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