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From my experience w/ Chilean wines... if you go wine tasting... the sights will outweigh the tasting experience by a ton. Mrs. LJ and I really do not like Chilean wine.... think it is just not worth the money on all price points. Sorry... not much help here. I am sure others will have better recommendations. Either way, enjoy your trip!

I don't know where you plan to go in Chile, but it's a safe bet that you will at least pass through Santiago. The Maipo Valley region is nearby, and Rapel isn't too far either. Along with Colchagua (a little farther south, but not more than a couple hours), these really produce the greatest quantities of reds.

Along the road to Valparaiso (which is under 2 hours from Santiago, on the coast) is the Veramonte winery in the Casablanca valley. Veramonte only grows grapes for whites there. The tour itself is alright, but not fantastic.

I don't know what else is available, but it might be nice to find out if wineries such as Casa Lapostolle and Vina Montes offer tours. One thing to keep in mind is that the Chilean wine business is only starting to accomodate tourists.

Good luck!

P.S. For what it's worth, I love Chilean wine and its value. My wine tastes were coming of age during the time I spent there, so I'm somewhat partial, though.
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