Been a long week, so looking forward to settling down to do some good old fashioned Hungarian braising tonight (and I'm not even Hungarian)

Thinking of a CA Pinot for this dish. But, any other recs?

I'd prefer to stay with my cellar which is almost all CA but with an increasing assortment of old world wines (all of which are way too young). But open to any ideas

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Hey guys . . . in service of science, my wife and I decided that an "off" was in order.

The pairing competition:
--Kona Longboard Lager (only non Sam-light beer we have on hand)
--2006 Leonetti Merlot

Results tomorrow. And thanks for the rec . . . I would have generally gone the standard Pinot route for a chicken dish but the spice throws a little bit of a curve ball
Gentlemen, thanks for the recs.

Here's where we wound up:
2006 Leonetti Merlot: Really fantastic Merlot that after a few sips we re-corked and are saving for pizza night tonight. It didn't necessarily clash with the chicken paprikash, but they were like estranged spouses . . . they co-existed together without helping or hurting the other

Longboard Lager: This actually was a fantastic pairing. The slight sweetness in the background of the beer made the sweet undertones of the paprika (used Hungarian sweet paprika from Spice House in IL) pop. Really delicious

For comparison's sake, we had a neighbor bring his favorite beer (Dogfish IPA -- the standard, not the 60, 90, 120-minute). I love IPA but this was too much for this dish. . . hops blew away any subtle flavors in the dish
GregT . . .

other than the occasional tokaji, no experience with Hungarian reds and whites . . . but that pairing would certainly make some sense

any particular Hungarian reds in particular you would recommend?

I am considering 2014 my "expansion" year . . . not expanding my cellar but expanding my wine horizons beyond US wines

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