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I should be able to make June 17 or 20 work. Not sure what is available restaurant-wise or BYOB-wise way up north there.

I bet Chez Wine Sparty has free corkage.

If something happens that Sunday I’d try to be available to meet up with the RedHawks.

Adelle’s In WHeaton has  treated us well over the years and is free corkage on Tuesdays. Good stemware. It is literally steps from a Metra line. Sparty has been there. Not convenient from Vernon Hills though. Hoping some others chime in. With a pooch needing to be taken out after work, my location options are a bit limited. Hoping some folks closer to where you are staying (Otis?) chime in. 

Not seeing any replies from folks in the areas that Wine Sparty has never heard of. 

This happening may depend on if Mr. and Mrs. Redhawk think we are worth schlepping to the western suburbs, unless Sparty can find a closer locale for them to meet up at. I know that jcubed usually commutes via train and may be more flexible. 

redhawk posted:

Holy moly!  I just googled Wheaton to Vernon Hills and it says it’s over an hour away in light traffic.  Mrs. Redhawk is balking at that.  :-(

(do they have emojis in this new format?)

I don't blame her...that would be a crazy drive.

Bill - any idea of towns that would be a good middle ground between your area and Vernon Hills?  I could search on some BYOB places if there were a couple towns in mind.

billhike posted:

Elmhurst comes to mind. It is close to I-294 and also has a Metra stop. Still a healthy drive from VH though.

Yeah, we might need Redhawk to give us his thoughts on how far he's willing to travel.  Looks like Elmhurst would still be about a 35-40 minute drive for him from VH.

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