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Have a reservation for up to 8 people at The Bristol(

Details are as follows:

WHEN: Monday, Sept 19 at 6pm

WHERE: Bristol (2152 N. Damen Ave)

THEME: I'm inclined to say OPEN theme on this but up for anything anyone proposes

Attendees: Right now, I have down the following:

look forward to seeing everyone soon and will post my contribution(s) in the next week or so. Likely going to be a somewhat aged Bordeaux (I know this would be a shocker) or some older SQN (a little more in character for me)
$25/bottle at the Bristol.

Not sure about no corkage on Mondays/tuesdays.

If anyone is looking for a new BYOB option, Cellar Door Provisions in Logan Square started serving dinner recently. It's ~$45/pp for a 4 course pre-fixe. Food was excellent and very wine friendly. Dinner service is new for them, so they are still working out kinks. Still, fantastic food and a welcome addition to the BYOB scene with some recent closures.

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