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So, we won't be serving spam on Monday night however I made a reservation at The Bristol for 7pm for 6 people. They couldn't give me 6:30, but I'll plan on being there somewhat early, maybe as early as 6:30pm. I figured the Bristol is a good compromise for its ease of transportation (close to the highway), it's close to me and winesparty I believe, and a little closer for Otis who said he's going to be a bit late, coming from the North burbs.

If anyone has other ideas I'm open, no strong feelings.

I count: me, LB, Otis, TLV, Wineparty, and Slipstich. LMK if any of you change your mind.

Spoken with LB a bit by email, we're leaning Bordeaux. I know Otis was yes for that as well. Not sure about the rest of you, but we don't have to worry about it too much. Bring something, and as usual there will be plenty of wine I'm sure.
The reservation is for 6 people, but I'm sure there will be space smartly. Haven't gotten confirmation from TLV, but otherwise everyone else seems to be in.

Reservation is under my last name, which none of you know except for LB! First name is Rich. I should be there earlier than reservation time. See you all then.

Slipstich- if you want to bring something that is cab or merlot based that might be a good foil to bordeaux. Try not to go too big, I find big new world cab sometimes doesn't play well with old world cab/merlot. Champers works too, or even a pre-dinner white.

See everyone tomorrow.
I'm going to have to bail on this as I was going to be downtown this afternoon, but that has been cancelled, and I have to be at the Daley Center for an early hearing tomorrow morning. By the time I get home tonight, I'd have to leave for my hearing. Big Grin

Sorry to miss this, and hopefully we'll get another chance to share a glass Longboarder. You're obviously in good hands with Grossie, Otis and the rest of the crew.
Originally posted by smartlysauced:
Looking forward to meeting up.

TLV, WineSparty, and Slip. Sorry you can't make it.

I brought a red with me to work. Is anyone planning on bringing bubbles or a white? I can adjust course.

I brought an '86 Ducru Beaucaillou with me on the plane so I will leave any whites or bubbles to the local crew. Look forward to seeing everyone tonight.

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