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DoktaP and I have talked about seeing if Chicago has any art worth seeing ( Big Grin) after a brunch on Saturday morning.

Last year in Philly, we had a couple of cabs filled to go view a few stunning works of art. Let me know if you're interested for perhaps a mid-morning museum and or gallery visit, then off to lunch.

I do plan on an afternoon nap on Saturday. Big Grin

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Originally posted by just a skosh:
Posted by wine+art:

I'm thinking Brazilian after where we stayed in Philly last year. Cool

Big Grin Oh my G-D! I forgot that... Big Grin Cool Although...Brazilian is so mainstream, so de rigueur, nowadays...we'll have to ratchet it up for you a notch. Hmm. What would that service be...? Cool

I sure as heck did not forget! Wink
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
For those interested, the Edward Hopper exhibit is in town at the Art Institute. I saw this in DC and enjoyed it. It is a timed/ticketed show, however. Just a thought.

My wife and I are going on Saturday, though more to see the Winslow Homer exhibit, as she is a big fan of Homer. I have a feeling that most of my day will be spent there since the last two major museums that we have gone to (The Met and the Uffizi) have been close to all day affairs.

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