My wife and I will be visiting the city with some friends at the end of September. 

We already have tickets to a day-game at Wrigley and a visit to the Art Institute on our schedule.  It looks like the Architectural Boat Tour has been mentioned by several people.

Please share any recommendations regarding hotels, restaurants, and places to see/things to do.

Thank you, in advance, for any information.

We'd also love to meet up while we are in town with any local forumites for wine, food, conversation, and laughs.  I met some of you at the 2009 CDP.  I'd love to reconnect and meet some new faces.  Cheers!

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As always I recommend the CAF downtown walking tours over the boat tours because it's the only way to see the true architectural history of Chicago. You also get to explore the interiors of  some of the buildings. Also recommend an add on to see the redesigned interior of the Rookery  Building (1888, Burnham and Root,) with its remodeled lobby by Frank Lloyd Wright which was done in 1905. A very important and interesting building and it has Wright's only work in the downtown area.

Also in the Wrigley Field area is Graceland Cemetery. There's so much so say about this place but it's historic interest is that you have the burial place of the makers and shakers of Chicago, from late 19th century to early 20th century, and the architects who made the house and skyscrapers they occupied. In addition there is a mausoleum by Louis Sullivan (one of two there), the Carrie Eliza Getty tomb from 1890. It has fair claim to being a leading first building in the Chicago School movement. You can also grab one of these used books to do a self-walking tour. To entice there is also a baseball shaped tombstone of the founder of the National League.

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I should be available one of those days for an offline. You may have greater success in generating attendance if you post that you will be in town in the Offline Events forum. 


Yes, I was planning on a separate thread.  Just planting the seed here.






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