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welcome, Jortia.  So far as I recall, that's one of the hardest questions ever posed here!

One reason it is hard is that you probably don't know what the chef has in his wine cellar at home, what books he has, and so forth.  He may have all the kitchen gadgets available.

If this is a local chef at a restaurant you enjoy, one gift would be to have a special dinner there for 5-10 friends who have never eaten there, to try to expand the chef's customer base.  The chef will appreciate your effort, will visit the table, and will be doing what he presumably loves to do, namely cook.

As I see you are in England, my suggestion is this: A good wine match with barbecue is California Zinfandel.  I have no idea as to what is available in England, but a very nice Zin would be appreciated in all probability.  The intense flavors of many barbecued foods overwhelm a Bordeaux or a Burgundy.


Glora posted:

So you can buy for him. Professional chopping board "regal cook", this is perfect for a barbecue

Interesting.  Another post by a new member.  Digging up an old thread. 

Unfortunately an apparently non-English speaking poster making a commercial post to a company who is also obviously unable to hire an English language editor for their website.  

Apply cutting board conditioner, oil, or wax to the whole surfaces of your board ...

To obtain gloss of your board, polish it with soft dry cloth...

Thus, you will not have to wash it through running water...



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