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Welcome Aqua.

I've never had this, but I'm pretty sure it's awful. Back when it was at peak it was awful, and that was probably 20 years ago.

Enjoy the label, I think this wine may be collectable for that reason, but it certainly is not collectable for the juice that's inside.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
From Bordeaux Book, 3rd Edition (1998) Robert Parker 65 points Drink through 1982 The year Mouton was officially made a ``first-growth'' was celebrated by a beautiful label done by Pablo Picasso. Whether judged by an art or wine critic, the label clearly surpasses the wine. Very oaky and woody, with rapidly fading fruit, this is a wine worth having if only for the historic significance of the bottle's label. Anticipated maturity: Now-probably in serious decline. Last tasted, 2/82. From the Wine Amateur`s Reviews average score: 78.5 score: 87 Written: 8-May-2003Tasted:Apr 2003 Caspar Auchterlonie's Review The really historic oneThis in vinous socio-economic history is the big one. This was the first mouton-rothschild to be elevated from 2nd growth to 1st growth, the only ever change in the 1855 classification. The label also was a first being one of Picasso`s most famous paintings the Bacchanales, used only after kind permission of his Grandaughter Paloma after his death. The motto changed as well from `First I cannot be, second I do not deign to be, Mouton is.` (a rather peevish saying) to `First I am, second I was. Mouton doesn`t change`, which is much more positive

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