Had one of these the other night. I don't recall the producer, the vintage was 2001. It was the first French white wine I had ever had and I thought it was great. I want to buy some, could I get a few recommendations to get me started.

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Warning! You have been bitten by the Burgundy bug.
French white Burgundies, such as the Chassagne Montrachet are expensive. The quality does vary between the producers and the vineyards and is, so far as I can tell, pretty unpredictable.
The vineyards are very small and production is controlled so the amount of wine made and thus available is small, and thus the price goes up.
But, these wines, when the are good, are great, and when they are great, they are superb.
Note that they are 100% Chardonnay, but taste (to me) totally different from Cali. Chards.
Good luck.
If you liked 2001 you're going to love 2002. 3 villages - Puligny Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet, and Meursault - all within 10 minutes of each other. I really enjoyed the village wines from Bouchard Pere & Fils in 2002, also Louis Latour will be a good bet. I mention these names because they're big winemakers and you'll have a good shot at finding them, some of their wines are bought-in grapes and some are estate grown, it will say on the label (although it might be in French!).

A good book I have picked a lot up on is Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book - he comes out with an update every year. What's nice (besides being about $12) is that each Burgundy villages he summarises the best vineyards and producers, and capitalises references where he has written more on it. Well worth the money, plus you get all the other regions too.
Meursault.....you owe it to yourself to try some of that. Had a 2000 Bouchard Goutte d'Or 1er cru with lobster & drawn butter a few weeks ago that was otherworldly.

The village stuff you can pick up usually under $35 from the big houses, the 1er's start around $50....look for older vintages, and actually I've seen village 2002 with vineyard designations for under $30.

St Aubin is a good bargain alternative, but be careful, I've had some that taste lemony and very tart, always choose the producer.

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