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Why does WS write about Charlie Trotter every year? Is it a fine restaurant? Many believe so, but there are so many fantastic mom 'n pop restaurants all over the world that excel without the media pimping for them constantly. What do you think WS' motivation is? Does it assure reservations for WS edtors and their associates and friends? Do they really think it is that good, and Charlie Trotter important enough to mention every year, sometimes more than once a year?

I just don't get it.
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I dined at Charlie Trotter's on New Year's Eve 2003. It was my first time there and the experience was quite luxurious.

Every fine restaurant is not going to appeal to everyone's taste, and personally, I don't think that it should appeal to everyone. Furthermore, I think it would be quite boring if everyone liked the same things all the time.

I have dined at other high end places on the recommendations of friends and colleagues and have not always been impressed.

I adhere to the motto: 'Different strokes; different folks.'I am receptive to differing views and I respect them; still, my money is on Trotter.
I think in many ways the restaurant has become dated. It's one thing to not change if you are executing the classics but many places have built on what Trotter started and took it much farther.

When I feel like a meal of this caliber, I don't really think of visiting Trotter's. I will admit to liking Trotter's To Go.

And finally, I truly blame my Alderman Joe Moore for the foie ban. Trotter may have his part but Moore is the one who saw it to fruition. Sad thing is his district (I live on the border) needs so much that it angers me he wasted his time over it.
I don't believe Charlie Trotter ever owned or operated a restaurant in Ann Arbor, though he was a consultant at a couple places in the area (one with a former sous chef, and one where Madeline Triffon was the wine consultant).

Having said this, Trotter's is to the Chicago area as Chez Panisse is to the SF Bay area -- an institution. Both are still excellent, particularly with their vegetarian offerings, but if you want the cutting edge you go elsewhere.
Wine+Art, you always make me happy to spend time here.

Bez780, I'm not sure if you are laughing about my liking Trotter's To Go because you live in Chicago and think it's vile or because you don't live in Chicago and thought I was making up such a place. I hope it wasn't the latter because then I spoiled the fun.

In any event, if I am in the neighborhood and don't feel like cooking dinner, I like picking food up there. The beef tenderloin is nice as is the fish and I'll grab some of their soup as well.
Trotter's to Go
they were a couple doors down from the chop house it'an pub now on main st. they closed the first one then change the name ,menu ,an inside and it didn,t work either!
Madeline has some thing to do with Morrels,but i may be wrong!
an if he just consultant on the same two, to me that's still not very good for anyone's name!
plus the food an service at the Pickly Pear is and still better then they were!

the first,

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