A friend of mine is looking for a wine he can enjoy in 20yrs and I have found of magnum of this (2007 vintage) for $230. Has anyone seen magnums of this in their market for a different price? He is a fan of full bodied Cali cabs and I thought this would fit the circumstance perfectly. If anyone has one they are interested in selling to me for a good price please email me at justinhome at msn dot com. Thanks for your input.

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That seems like a great deal.

I can tell you we had a 77 Chappellet (i think it was 77, maybe 76 or 78) at a wine tasting about 3 months ago and the wine was rocking, with a decent amount of life left ahead of it.

Seeing as how the 07 Pritchard Hill is going for about $120 for a 750ml, I'd say $230 for a magnum is an excellent buy.
Very few California Cabernet's will age gracefully for 20 years, however if I had to choose a candidate it would be the Chappellet Pritchard Hill. This wine always has great balance and firm structure and as a consequence doesn't have quite the flamboyance, or wow factor, as some of the more celebrated wines early on. Thats alright with me because usually by age 5 or 6 the Chappellet is superior to those big name producers, and as time goes by the gap only widens further.

$230 is indeed a fair price for the 2007.
I would strongly disagree with attempting to cellar this wine for 20 years. It would be a crap shoot at best.

Go with Dunn Howell Mountain.

Other candidates would be Montelena Estate, Dominus, Staglin, and maybe Spottswoode or Ridge Monte Bello.

Then again, cellaring any modern California Cabernet is somewhat of a risk. While some will still be alive, few will be at their best.
i'm sort of stuck in between. i agree that most modern cali cabs are a crapshoot. even the WS review says to drink by 2020. the only reason i think it would age well is bc of the 77 we had, then again, they were making completely different wines at the time. the logical thing would be to purchase 2 or 3 and try over time.

i think it could survive the long haul, but would place the odds slightly against.

anyway, be sure to post notes in 2030! Razz
I actually prefer the Signature bottling to the Pritchard Hill bottling. The Pritchard Hill is a bit too thickly textured for my own taste, while the Signature is, for me, the very model of making a rich but balanced Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa. As far as age-worthiness goes, I cannot pretend to know which would age better, but I'd give the Signature a shot.

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