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Originally posted by mzcloud:
I'll be around at that time. June 7-8th to be exact. What producers will you be visiting?

The visit schedule is still a work in progress, but currently it looks like this:

W June 7 AM: Larmandier-Bernier; PM: Cedric Mousse
T June 8 AM: Ulysse Collin; PM: Michel Fagot
F June 9 PM1: Moutard; PM2: Drappier
S June 10 AM: Henri Giraud; PM: Diebolt-Vallois

All except Moutard and Diebolt-Vallois have confirmed but things are still evolving. We are still working at getting in at Jacquesson and we'll add Gimonnet & Bonville into convenient time slots since they are in the neighbourhood and we have been there often enough to do a drop-in.

Dinners have not been scheduled yet but we'll be going to Les Avisés (we stayed there and at least have dinner each trip), as well as Cafe Max and Bistro Le 7 (both in Epernais).
One and a half days into our stay in Champagne, our visit schedule has morphed slightly as follows:

Wed June 7 AM1: Jacquesson; AM2: Larmandier-Bernier; PM: Cedric Mousse
Thurs June 8 AM: Ulysse Collin; PM1: Michel Fagot; PM2: Jacques Selosse
Fri June 9 PM1 down in the Cote Aube: Moutard; PM2: Drappier
Sat June 10 AM: Henri Giraud; PM: Diebolt-Vallois

We had a really interesting visit with Olivier Collin this morning, but there's lots more to come.

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