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It's sort of like a mexican version of the chef salad. It's gotta have tortilla chips for some extra crunch, and a bit of spice. It can be as white trash or gourmet as you want it. some stuff I may throw in a taco salad...

lettuce (romaine)
cheddar cheese
tortilla chips
meat of some kind (chicken, carne asada. seasoned ground beef seems most traditional)
black olives
kidney beans
diced tomatoes
diced onions

My favorite dressing is mayo based with hot sauce (Pico Pica Hot, Cholula, or Tapatio), maybe some whole grain mustard or diced green chiles added, cumin, s&p.

you could get fancy and do something like this,,FOOD_9936_12661,00.html
Originally posted by grunhauser:
...Thanks Boones, but I prefer real Mexican cuisine...
LOL... you're kidding right? where do you think a meal like this came from, Canada? Roll Eyes

let me give you an example... you know Tuna sushi, aka, Maguro? well, theres another Japanese meal called Tekka Don, basically sushi rice, sea weed & Tuna in a bowl, mix it up, add soy sauce to taste, and oila! simple & easy...

same difference with the Taco Salad... don't believe me? ask a real Mexican Razz

awwww... im just kidding grun... ask coolbronson

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