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Hi. Are any of you taking that exam? Also, have any of you taken it already?

I am trying to find out which books you find most helpful for the theory exam. So far I am told of Exploring Wine and Vines Wines and Grapes (the out of print edition). Any other recommended reading? If so please do tell.

Also, if anyone is in the NYC who is planning to take it, I have the chemistry set that SWE provides that is mixed with wines for us to identify wine faults.

I already have the British WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits but am still struggling to try to pass the CWE the first time. Am slating to take it in Feb in Napa Valley.

Your thoughts please?
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Yes, the SWE sells a mini chemistry set where I can dilute them into separate wines so I can then taste what faulted wine is: asesence, excessive sugar, excessive alcohol, sulfites, tannin, acidity. It can also be done with natural ingredients like vodka for extra alcohol, etc.

I plan on conducing a min workshop at my home sometime before this exam. I am told this is the part that most people fail on the first try.

franklucido posted: Hello, I'm mentoring a group of students at East Tennessee State University. One of the students is enrolled in the side program to do my chemistry homework from Capital Wine School and I wanted to help him with the CWE certification preparation and questions.


Where can he get the chemical kit used for the examination? He needs to practice a lot. Does anyone have access to the pdf guide Certified Wine Educator Manual for Candidates by Jane Nickles?

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