All of wine lists have been updated (sold wines removed, new wines added, and prices of many wines reduced!). Thanks for all that shows interests in my wines.

I travel to Chicago area every month and would like to discuss possible pick up of wines from you. Please email me at xhoser at yahoo dot com

I just received a nice case of wine olive oil from Kthan. Everything was packaged perfectly, shipped as promised - when promised. I would buy from him again.

Dark horse,

Thanks for your interest. But, 04 David Arthur Cab was spoken for. Let me know if you have other wines you want.
This guy is definately the real deal!
As everyone before me, PERFECT transaction!
Great job of packaging and smoooooooth!
Thanks, yet again Drew!
I'm really happy that you are on so many mailings
Thanks for all of your favorable comments. I just hope you enjoy the wines as much as I loved to keep/drink them.

New German Riesling list added.
I can't say this enough times -- the quality of bottles, packing, shipping, communication and responsiveness from Andrew exceed anything you'll find at K&L, Knightsbridge or whomever you think is a great online wine retailer.

And his prices are almost uniformly terrific. It's been all I can do not to buy more than the 30 or so bottles I've already bought from him.

All the best to you, Andrew.
Thanks for all of your favorable feedbacks. I have been really happy to hear your comments on my wines and shipping. I just do my things and keep thinking how to make the buyers happy. Hope all of you enjoy the wines!
another satisfied customer! huge thanks to andrew for the amazing packing and shipping job. not only was it still cool to the touch, but it was amazing well packed. would highly recommend andrew as a trusted seller.

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