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so i was with my girlfriend waiting on a pizza.. and we decided to check out the vape/smoke shop next door to kill some time. They had a huge cbd selection.
and i asked the professional behind the counter to tell me about it..
My girl works in a medical rehabilitation/physical therapy office. for a few surgeons .
she says patients always talk about Shop CBD Oils and that they all claim it works good for joint pain. and aches..
so we bought some.. first off it taste like seaweed and pot smoke..with cod liver oil.
3 drops of the 1000 ml bottle.
first thoughts.. i felt absolutely no effect from the product after taking it..I did however stay up till 430 am.. doing paper work.. actually lost track of time..
did give me a sort of relaxed feeling.. like after you have had a good rest..
the next day i did notice my neck and back pain was not as severe.. i had taken it for about 3 days in a row.. a few drops in the morning before work... i do physical work.. and i did not have any great aches or i normally have.
i left the bottle in my desk at work.. and have not taken any since friday.. and i will say today .. my neck and back ache returned... also my knees and feet pain was present .. which i get periodically..
i took some today around 3 oclock.. but it has not kicked in doesnt work like that...
but hoping tomorrow if i take it a couple days in a row the pain will subside again..

have you guys tried it yet..? its now legal here.. so there is no hang up.

i dont smoke pot or cigarettes. and the opioids make me constipated. I do take alot of Ibuprohin but that wrecks my stomach. so hoping this stuff works.

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CBD products might be a good alternative to chemical painkillers. I tried them for my knee pain, anxiety, and insomnia. In all cases, it worked great for me.

As for Ibuprofen, I didn't know it might cause issues. I'm surprised as many syrups for children are made with Ibuprofen as an active substance. I think I need to explore it in more detail. I'll double-check the description on the Canadian Pharmacy site. Thanks for the info.

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